Frizzy and dry hair

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I'm a 17 years old guy and my hair are terrible.
They look like a mass of worn out fabric, you can even see locks. Cutting them short didn't work either.

I have tried the no-poo method once but it made my hair too curly with very big ringlets, which is weird since my hair is more wavy/slight curly.

Also when I wash them they never dry, it takes me hour to dry them even with an hairdryer and even when they seem completely dry they're still humid close to the scalp.

Any advice?



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    You're right. Cutting curly hair short doesn't help. I'm not a guy, but my mother used to force me to have 1" pixie cuts, so I'm very familiar with the problems associated with it.

    Being able to see locks isn't a bad thing with curly hair. It means that the hairs are grouping together with like hairs. When they do that, the curl in each hair isn't pushing against the curl in all the other hairs, making your hair look bushy or frizzy. The same thing with ringlets. And trust me, it's very sexy!

    Having been around a lot longer than you have, I haven't ever found anything that worked as well for me as the Curly Girl method. There's a new edition of the book out, and it now includes a section for guys, which you would probably find helpful. I think your hair looks better now than the before pictures of the guy in the book, and he looks amazing in the after pix.

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    Your hair looks very similar to my brother’s!

    I am a little confused by your comment that your hair became “too curly with very big ringlets” when your hair is “more wavy/slightly curly”. Perhaps your hair is naturally supposed to be ringlets and not using shampoo just coaxed it along? But if ringlets are not what you want from your hair, that’s awesome…but it might be not be an easy battle.

    My Advice:
    ~Let your hair grow out a little bit, this will make it a bit heavier and might make your curlies/wavies loosen
    ~Don’t touch your hair while it’s drying and don’t comb your hair once it’s dry. This helps me keep my frizz at bay.
    ~Have you experimented with any hair products? A touch of gel on my brother’s wet hair does wonders for his hair’s shine and definition—perhaps this will combat the “mass of worn out fabric"?
    ~I have no clue how to help you with your slow drying hair. Sorry!

    And I agree with the post above! Don’t give up on your hair and perhaps you should look at the “For Guys” section in the new Curly Girl book. Good luck :)
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