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I stopped coming to the NC site b/c hair has become so incredibly not fun for me. Over the last 6 years now I have lost so much hair and still dont have answers.

My loss is diffuse (throughout, evenly all over pretty much), and my texture continues to change quite bit. And have gone through the endocrinologist, dermatologist and gynecologist routes... all just basically tell me to go back on the pill and that this is just probably my natural state. Was also having pretty bad acne + hyperpigmentation scarring as a result, during which just about every hair product aggrivated that acne. Now, back on ortho-tri generic for about 6-8 months and the acne has finally stopped, but not sure the hair loss is getting any better.

This year I am really going to try and figure out what is wrong - and post here if I have any success at all.

I've been back and forth between natural products, attempts at CG and basic store brands/salon brands, even trying to just use one line of products only ----most of all a bunch of endless, fruitless product junkyism.

I just hope and pray something works - I'm so tired of the constant, ongoing loss with no end in sight. And then again, maybe its just that I need to learn to get settled with it. Here goes....
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    Wow, good luck! A friend of mine recently discovered she's losing hair similarly for no apparent reason (and she has other random issues no doctor has been able to explain). She's the never-cut-her-hair type, and her hair was the one real 'pretty' thing she felt she had left, so it's been incredibly hard on her. I was going to get her on a no-Poo routine and see if that helped, but your post has me thinking it's likely not to make a difference.

    In any case, good luck, and I really hope you find something that works!

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    I have lost a lot of hair due to my health issues. Thankfully, it's growing back but it took a while for it to fall out and is taking a while to grow back.
    What's really helped is Rogaine and biotin. I use Rogaine 5% once a day. I buy the generic from Target- 3 month supply under 20$
    Rogaine is one of the few things that has been proven to help with hair loss.

    Do any of your family members deal with hair loss? Hair loss can be hereditary.

    How do you style your hair? Be sure not to pull on it. If you need to pull it back, do so loosely. Be kind as possible.

    Make sure you're not anemic and that you're eating a lot of protein. Exercise to reduce stress and help your overall heath. Massage your scalp to increase blood flow.

    Since the doctors haven't been much help, I'm not sure what to tell you. I do recommend keeping a diary along with pictures so you can effectively monitor your hair. It's impossible to rely on memory.
    This is very informative.
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