What are people...

LadyCelestinaLadyCelestina Registered Users Posts: 28
...that constantly tell you to straighten your hair,actually thinking? :shock:
Especially if their hair is literally straw-like from flat ironing.
I just don´t get it,don´t they see how heat damaged their hair is?Why are they rudely bashing your curls and telling you to straighten it,because it´s the best thing you can do for your hair,while they MUST see what has the flat iron done to their waves or curls?

On the other side,what would they do,if you told them to curl their ugly straight hair? :p (I´m just thinking,I´m definitely not going to tell anyone their hair is ugly just to feel better about myself...)

My question is,how do you deal with such people,and why do you think they are doing what they are doing?
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  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    I think they're pressing you to conform to their perceived idea of beauty. There's something kind of sick and icky about it.

    I think they're best ignored, or in the case of strangers, given a barely polite smile.
  • KurlyKoreanKurlyKorean Registered Users Posts: 28
    I've been told to straighten my hair many many times by people with fried hair and what I think is that they want you to straighten your hair so that yours would look just as bad as theirs or worse.....Its like a friend telling you an outfit looks good on you when it doesn't, so that she will look better than you. Anyway, when I come across people that tell me to straighten, I just flip my gorgeous hair and walk away lol
  • Lotsa loopsLotsa loops Registered Users Posts: 130
    They are probably trying to convince themselves that flat ironing is the only way to control their curlies because it's what "everyone else" is doing.
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  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    My question is,how do you deal with such people,and why do you think they are doing what they are doing?[/quote]

    I tell people that i love my curly hair. straight hair is boring and not unique enough for my personality.

    i think they have a twisted view of what beauty is.
  • sleepyjesssleepyjess Registered Users Posts: 297
    Any time that I've run into people suggesting I take a flat iron to my scalp, I don't feel like they're being...vindictive at all. I think society (generally) is going through a phase where everyone assumes curly girls want sleek hair, and that the only way to do that is with a straightener, and that all curlies are some sort of long-suffering hair-martyrs with too many bad hair days and such, which leads me to think that maybe some of the girls who flat iron or have naturally straight hair are just trying to offer advice/be helpful. It's completely presumptuous of them, sure, but I don't think everyone is mean-spirited, maybe just a little naive.

    But most of the people I have met with straight hair are totally polite, and I think that straight hair is beautiful too. Hell, I even think no hair is beautiful, especially when the hairless person in question allows me to draw a smiley face on their head.
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