Any other multi-typed curlies out there?

midnightcookiesmidnightcookies Posts: 10Registered Users
I've been lurking around the NC forums for a couple months, and just got an account a few days ago. You see, I'm a 2b on my top layer of hair, a 2c on the middle layer, and a 3b on the bottom! Does anyone else have this curly conundrum or a fix to make it slightly more uniform? Is this normal? By the way, my hair is thick, coarse, low porosity, almost shoulder length, and brown (if that matters). Thanks!


  • CurlyLinZeeCurlyLinZee Posts: 462Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yep, I got a mixed bag of curls too! That's the nature of naturally curly hair! Not much we can do about it...
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    Totally! I've got 3b underneath and at the ends, and my grown-out bangs are like, 2b which is odd since shorter hair is meant to be super-curly?
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    The very top of my hair is straight, but it's starting to be curly again, so I think that was from iron damage. Then I have 2c/3a waves, and 3b bottoms. The back and under layer are a mix of 3b/3c/and sometimes 4a. I'm mostly 3a/3b though, but I love having a head of different curls! It's different everyday. (:
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    I have got 2c on the bottom layer and 3a/b on the sides and 3b in the front... The bottom layer drives me crazy and I cut it really short so it does not stick out
    3a/b fine, ii, normal porosity I think...:geek:

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    I have 3c on top the middle I have 3 then on the bottom I have 3c again. THough some days my whole head is kinky then others its just nice ringlets
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    my ahir is alot like yours an amzing produst is called curls up! it comes in a yellow bottle at any drug store and with that produst or without take all your layers and twist then while they are wet in about half inch or 1 inch sections in you less curly areas do smaller sections in your super curly areas do thicker sections!

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