new straight mom and curly dtr

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HI all, I have just started my 11yr old dtr on CG method. We are 5 days in. She is a 3b. I am having alittle trouble. ( I am bone straight and never had to deal with curly hair- rats nest- until i was blessed w/ her) :angel10: She is happy we are no longer doing the torture of brushing her hair.

We have not been able to get any decent 2nd day hair. I have her doing loose pigtail braids w/ santin cap or pineapple w/ satin pillow case. She wakes w/ matted, plasterd curls.

Trying to keep her routine as simple as possible since right now I am doing it for her.

any suggestions on how to get her hair back with for 2nd days without having to totally wet her hair?

In addition, do we have to use gel or styling products? She does not appear to like this.

co wash: suave lavender
condish: tresemme nautral
gel: la looks

thanks for help


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    No, you don't have to use gels. (I haven't gotten the look I like with them) But when I do like is a leave in condish or aloe vera, or light oil of some kind. That seems to help keep her ends moisturized and less tangly/frizzy.

    You can try braiding her hair at night for a 2nd day 'do. You might still have to spritz with water, but you shouldn't have to totally soak her head. and you shouldn't have any tangles to worry about if it's all braided from the night before (assuming you detangle before you braid!)

    Here's what I would try:
    detangle and braid the night before (one, 2 three braids, doesn't matter)
    in the morning take out the braids and spritz with water to revive the curl and regain some of the natural curl pattern
    add a little bit of conditioner (or my new favorite - Organic Skin Care and Natural Hair Care by Beija-Flor Naturals — Creme Brulee for Kinks Curls and Coils (8oz) leave in) as a leave in to help soften and define the curls.

    Good luck! I hope it helps!

    eta: to clarify, the braids do not have to be super loose. You want them to hold all night. That's what will keep the hair from tangling while she sleeps.
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    my daughter has super fine hair and she's yet to wake up with ready to 2nd day curls, so i do put her hair in a braid at night to reduce tangles in the morning. and then i usually spritz her hair in the morning, just to bring out her natural 3a/b curl pattern.

    you don't have to use gel, but my favorite styler for my daughter is kinky curly curling custard. a little bit goes a super long way and it leaves her hair shiny and frizz free with a soft hold. in my signature pic, her hair is styled with kinky curly knot today leave in and then i just raked a little bit of the curling custard on top of it.

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