Straightening hair for "special occasions"

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I know that a lot of curly haired people want to straighten their hair for a special occasion, like a birthday, a wedding, a concert/party ...etc. And I guess I am like that too, but lately I was just thinking about it...
For example, I have to go to a huge birthday party and I want to look really pretty, so I think, hey, why not straighten my hair, it always looks nice (whereas, when I wear my hair curly, it might not turn out the way I want it to for that day) and then I go there with straight hair and everybody would compliment on my hair. But then I think, wouldn't that behavior imply that I think that a "special occasion" would require my hair to be straight? As if it's fine to wear my hair curly as it is on a "normal" day, but once I want to look REALLY pretty, I better straighten my hair?
Anyone else thinks the same?

So then I decided I would just straighten my hair next week or so, where it's just regular school days, because I really want to flat-iron it once so I can check the length and stuff.
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    ...I just think that you probably just want to try something different from how you wear your hair everyday.That´s why are special occasions special,the opposite of ordinary and everyday :-)

    If you hair was stick straight,you would probably curl it for special occasion.

    But thats just my point of view ;-)
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    I know what you mean, but I agree with LadyCelestina--sometimes "special" just means "different." I used to ask haircutters to blow out my hair stick straight after haircuts, just b/c it was fun to have something new for a day or 2. What a strange sensation it was to have smooth hair I could run my fingers through! (Of course, those were wet cuts & when I left I had no idea what my hair would look like in its natural state, so it wasn't a very good idea! Not to mention the damage.)

    On the other hand, I wish I had known how to handle my hair on my wedding day. I had it blown out straight. And it did look nice. I just couldn't take a chance that it would look like its usual frizzy/messy/unattractive self on my big day, & I didn't think the stylist knew how to handle curly hair. I didn't want to chance it. I think I would have liked to look more like the real me...but that's OK. (My future mother-in-law apparently remarked to my husband right before the wedding, "Look, there's another bride here!" b/c she didnt' recognize straight-haired me at first!) I'm hoping that as I learn more I'll be able to feel confident that my natural hair will good for special events. I love curls--just need to overcome my years of ignorance on how to take care of them.
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    I agree with the sentiment of the others that its different but I'd go on to say its because of the extra effort put in. Straightening your hair and applying product to keep it that way takes significantly more time and effort. I often notice the opposite in many instances where the girls who usually have straight hair will curl it for special occasions.
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    i don't think its telling of anything negative. since i wear my hair curly 99% of the time, and i do like to straighten, it just seems convenient to do it when there is something special going on. i know i look just as great with curls. but look at it this way, you'd dress up for a wedding or anniversary party, even though you look just as great on a regular day right? same difference. special occasions are just an excuse to do something out of the norm imo. ♥
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