Aphogee for transitioning hair?

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Hey there, I am 18 months into my transition and I'm about to finally big chop a week from now, whoo! Anywho, I have a question. Has anyone who transitioned used the Aphogee hair care for damaged hair? I did the big mistake of using the instyler (Which effed up my hair really bad) without a heat protectant and now I have alot of heat damage. There's alot of holes, knicks, cracks etc in my hair strands. I know, I'm going to start the the process of getting healthy hair over again but would you recommend it? thank you.


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    I used Aphogee in my hair just the other day and had good results with it. I haven't had a relaxer in my hair since about April 2010. Follow the directions to the tee and make sure you use a moisturizing conditioner after the treatment and a leave moisturizing daily conditioner and you should be just fine.
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    I currently transitioning 12mos post relaxer. I use Aphogee Keratin 2 minute reconstructor. I use it biweekly then deep condition after for a hour or so. Its a great mild protein treatment. I want to explore more with aphogee products but I like what I see so far. Hope this helps
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    Aphogee is fine to use whether relaxed or natural. I know alot of relaxed women that use it, as well as natural, so I'm sure using it on transitioning hair is no different. I use it on my hair and I'm still transitioning (until tomorrow!).


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