Hello all!

I'm new (well not really, I've been lurking for years :laughing6:). I don't know why it took me so long to join!

I'm happy to be officially apart of NC! I'm off to explore the forum!

*~* thehairmaverick*~*
:lurk:long-time luker, now member
Natural, 4a CBL


  • RimiRimi Curl Neophyte Posts: 2,001Registered Users Curl Neophyte

    Happy New Year, as well!
    21 y/o lifelong natural {4a-O ; spongy ; coarse ; dense ; MBL stretched}

    products {'poo: TJTTT shampoo | RO: TJTTT Condish | LI/style: TJTTT Condish, homemade cocoa butter cream | DC: condish + ayurvedic powder(s), Aussie 3MMM Treatment | PT: condish + NPF | oils: castor oil, grapeseed oil | other treatments: probiotics, tea rinses, AVG rinse/spritz, oil rinse | sealing method: LC sometimes O}

    long-term: HL stretched, BSL unstretched

    CG-friendly Products List!

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