Early birthday present.

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My birthday is on Monday, the 3rd. My husband surprised me with a NOOKColor last night while I was putting my son to bed (he went out to the store without me knowing). He left it on the couch, near the end table where my laptop is, for me to find when I came downstairs.

I bought four Read to Me childrens books and downloaded a free one (it came with two free childrens books). It's nice to have it available for reading to the kids and working on teaching them to read (they're almost 5 and 3), but they're just as happy with their TAG Readers.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with this thing. lol I was thinking of buying myself one for my birthday, but that's just because it's shiny.

I adore my NOOK Classic and still buy 5-10 hardcovers a month on top of ebooks; I really don't need a NOOKColor. I'm really grateful that my husband was so thoughtful--he knows how much I love to read and how much I love new gadgets--but I have to admit that this is the first time I'e ever gotten a new toy that I don't really know what to do with. LOL So now I have to find a place for it in my life. ;)
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    Oh, you will...verah cool! I love my Kindle :read2:
    Oh, and Happy Birfday!

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    Happy birthday and cool gift!

    We have a Kindle and were considering buying another one or getting a Nook for our second e-reader.
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    Santa brought me a Kindle for Christmas and I am really liking it, but I really wanted a NOOKColor. I downloaded a children's book for my daughter on my Kindle and kept thinking that it would be so much better if it were in color. I also wanted to subscribe to some magazines and I think they would be better in color, too.

    I really like having an e-reader, though. I read this month's book club book in 5 days, which is a definite record for me. I think it will be a great addition.

    Happy early birthday!

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