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Hello All,

I am currently trying to transition to CG and have been unsuccessful in doing so. I have always had wavy hair which curls up quite well when cut short but falls limp when it grows longer. Was using Pantene curly hair series shampoo and conditioner before becoming CG. Pantene products worked fine however I did not want silicone build-up on my locks.

Now I am using the C-mop c-system hydrating shampoo and Curl Assurance conditioner. Decided on these products based on my assumed hair type: 2a/b low-to-normal porosity. Before using these products I did the baking soda-ACV rinse to wash away cone build-up and my hair frizzed real bad after this wash. Since then despite of using products my hair always frizzes (really looking forward to a frizz-free day...:sad1:)

When my hair looks too limp with current products I go back to the Pantene products and my hair looks fine till the next dreaded wash.

I am a South-East Asian and have had very frizzy hair ever since I got to the US. Have tried several products on my hair and nothing works against the frizz. Currently living in Iowa (humid, cold, windy:sad3:). I have the following questions:

1. Am I always going to have frizzy tangled hair?

2. Am I using the wrong CG products? Depending on the porosity (which I admit am not sure about), I picked a humectant. However, it looks like my hair also needs some protein. Any suggestions on this? I also use the Kinky-Curly Custard which makes my hair more limp than ever :(

3. I have grown up oiling my hair once or twice a week. Is this something you would advice against? If not are there any good oils for my hair type to go with the CG no-poo products? I have oily roots and dry hair which gets easily tangled.

I hope somebody gives me feedback and suggestions based on this post. Can post more details if required. Just that I am pretty embarrassed walking around with frizzy, tangled, limp hair...really could with some help!


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    Howdy neighbor! I live in Iowa too:wave:

    It's humid right now, but a week ago it was very, very dry and that is common for winter.
    Wow -- you found products that worked for you -- way to go! And then you switched to others because the CG dogma said you should.
    I know lots of people have very bad feelings about Pantene products. I don't. If they worked well for you, then why not use them as part of your routine for now?
    If you felt that you were getting build-up from the silicones (although Pantene shampoo should remove that), you might want to wash and condition less often or look for a silicone-free alternative.

    Are your individual hairs thick or thin in diameter? (you can feel them between your fingers without looking = thicker hairs) That will help others give you product recommendations.

    It sounds like your hair was weighted down by the Kinky-Curly custard, maybe you used too much, or maybe your hair is fine or maybe it simply does not like the humectants in that product.

    Maybe a different sort of gel would help tame the frizz for you.

    Any conditioner (Curl Assurance is the Curl Junkie brand?) with lots of emollients such as Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, plus the shea butter and cetyl esters all leave a film on the hair -- to help in combing and shine and static control and possibly frizz.

    I find that too much of these gives me limp hair too --even though we're supposed to add lots of moisture and emollients, fine haired people just can't handle all that weight.

    Maybe you are getting a lot of frizz because of over-conditioning? It's just a thought. Good luck
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    Hi Rajnair and welcome.

    No, you don't need to have frizzy, tangled hair. Everyone of us here have come here to combat this typical wavy/curly problem, a lot have succeeded to find what works for them to have tangle-free, shiny, frizz-free hair.

    Most wavies are modified cg, cutting out poo altogether does not work for them. Really, cg is a method, not gospel, so if you want to keep using poo, since it does help with your hair, go right ahead. It's all about finding out what makes your hair behave best. If you need poo for this, use it. I'm sure some other people here can recommend some good low poos for you - I don't use it. Pantene does have silicones, so you should avoid it if not using any poo - only sulfates will wash that out - since it'll cause build-up and frizz.

    The frizzies and limpness both suggest to me overconditioning, the fact that it goes away when you use poo even more. Does your hair feel "mushy" when dry? Hard to explain what overconditioning feels like, but once you've felt it, you'll know what I mean. What you could do is use a PT, homemade or storebought. There's tons of recipies on the board, I myself love IAgirls homemade aphogee. And waterwash instead of cowashing.

    Oiling your hair is fine, lots of wavies and curlies do so. However, if your hair is overconditioned, this will only make it go more limp. Search the board for oil, you'll find plenty of information on what oils could work for you and different methods of applying. I prefer using olive oil right now, since it's too cold for coconut oil...

    Key to going no poo is scrubbing. Make sure you take the time to wash, a quick go-over is not enough, since you are using your hands, not sulfates to clean your hair.

    I don't think anyone can tell you what the right products for your hair are, it's a journey of trial and error. But going cg is not a religion, you should modify it till it works for you, and if it doesn't (do give it about 6 weeks at least to work), you can go back to sulfates and cones.

    Good luck!
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    Did you do a last sulfate wash before starting CG or did you only do a baking soda scrub? Baking soda does not remove cones. A final sulfate does remove the cones. If you haven't done a final sulfate wash, do one now. You may still have silicones in your hair.
    I oil my hair all the time. It is CG compatible. If oiling your hair works for your hair, go for it. If you buy a pre mixed blend of oils, read the ingredients. Many of them contain a high amount of silicones. You have to experiment to see which oils work for you. If the oil you were using previously has no silicones, use that one. If not, coconut oil is a goo one to try (doesn't work for everyone).
    Do you know if you have fine or coarse hair? (diameter of individual strands of hair) This will help you get better product recommendations. You may just need to switch up you products to find the right ones for your hair. You don't have to spend a lot of money if you don't want to. There are drugstore options. If you want to try some of the boutique brands people around here use (curl junkie, spiral solutions, darcy's botanicals, etc.), Kathymack sells samples. This way you can try things out before you commit to a full sized bottle.
    Lastly, if pantene was working for you and you were happy with your hair, go ahead and use the pantene. I happen to think most people can get better results without sulfates and silicones. However, if sulfates and silicones work for you, go for it. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    Having hair issues (dry, tangly, prone to breakage) following a move may also indicate problems from hard water. At $20 for cheapie filters, this is an easy one to eliminate. Products with EDTA or citric acid will help get rid of minerals possibly stuck to hair.
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    gecko wrote: »
    Having hair issues (dry, tangly, prone to breakage) following a move may also indicate problems from hard water. At $20 for cheapie filters, this is an easy one to eliminate. Products with EDTA or citric acid will help get rid of minerals possibly stuck to hair.

    Gecko is right, there is hard water in Iowa unless you live in a house with a whole-house water softener. Some cities semi-soften the water at the water treatment plant, but that can be wildly different from week to week. I have blonde hair and I notice that the color gets a little off when I don't use products with citric acid or EDTA in them. When I use hard water on my hair, it tangles, feels dry and rough and unmanageable.

    If you have a water softener (the kind you have to buy large bags of salt pellets for), this is less important, but if you don't, a shower filter or products to help remove minerals (calcium, magnesium) can help too.

    A humidifier in the house helps and so does drying your laundry on a rack so that it will humidify the room.

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