Boy with frizzy and dry hair, help

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Hi all
I'm a 17 years old guy and I need some help

My hair are kind of curly and kind of wavy, not sure
But the problem is that they're extremely frizzy and expecially after I have washed them they don't stay together in locks but actually they're separated in individual hair all over the place.

They get puffy, frizzy and dry as straw expecially at the sides.

They're of medium length but even cutting them short won't work as the frizziness is still there and I don't think I look good with a buzz cut anyway.

Also, when I wash them they never get dry. Even after letting the towel soak the water for like 50 minutes and with an extra 30 minutes of hair dryer, they're still humid and it feels like my cute is wet.

I have tried the no-shampoo regimen using just a conditioner, drying them with a short instead of towel, avoiding using a brush and scrunching them with gel but in this way they turned kinda ... feminine. I mean how they look when I use the no-shampoo and scrunching method would be perfect if I were a girl but I think I need tips on making them look okay for a guy with a medium length cut.

Any thought?

This is what my hair looks like after I have washed and dried them:





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    Hair tends to get frizzy when it's because it absorbs moisture in the air and expands. In order to help combat this, you might want to try a leave-in conditioner.

    Also, you said that you use hair gel to help smooth down your curls. However, you gel could be drying out your hair, which contributes to the frizz. I would suggest trying the leave-in alone first and then, if that doesn't help, use a non-drying gel over the leave-in.

    Hope that helps!
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