Update on Andre

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As many of you probably predicted, we decided to adopt Andre. I had said we would change his name to Beau if we decided to keep him, but we just couldn't. He's out little Andre. We love him just the way he is. He is the sweetest little boy ever. He's come a long way, but still has a long way to go. The six years that he spent in a puppy mill have caused a tremendous amount of damage that can probably never be completely undone. I'm amazed that he can forigve humans as much as he has. He is really attached to me and he also likes my boyfriend. He'll let other strangers pet him, but he's not too crazy about it. He likes to cuddle with Belle, but she's still not too sure about him...

As for training, he's doing okay. He's doing great with housebreaking. He's only had three accidents, which is pretty great for a puppy mill rescue. Due to the fact that I live in an apartment, he was forced to learn to walk on a leash pretty quickly and also learned to go up and down stairs. Since we always take the same routes, I didn't realize how scared he actually was on the leash until the other day. If he knows where he is, he walks pretty well. If he doesn't know where he is, he doesn't trust that he is safe. I've started taking him on different routes to teach him that he'll always be safe with me. I'm also taking him on an outing a day. He's been to my mom's house and did okay. But we went to Petco last night and he was terrified. He wouldn't even eat the treats that I offered him half of the time. Poor guy. Even with my background in behavior modification, training is difficult due to his fears and anxieties. I've contacted an obedience school and they suggested I enroll him in their puppy class. We're going to look silly with all of the puppies next month, but hopefully he will get the socializaiton that he needs. The trainer has experience with puppy mill dogs and said she will warn the other people in the class not to approach him the way they do the other puppies in the class.

As for his health, it's not too good. He has a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur. Right now, he is not in congestive heart failure. In February, a veterinary caridiologist from Texas A&M is coming to Dallas and having a heart clinic for Cavaliers. I'm going to take both Belle and Andre to have them checked out. Andre will probably have to be put on a medication. And more than likely, Belle has a murmur too...it's just part of the breed. His health is the main reason we decided to adopt him. When I got Belle, I did not know about her eyes. I did not want somebody to adopt Andre and then him end up with some heart condition. In addition, I couldn't trust anybody else to take could care of him and his poor little heart.

I've attached picture of my cuddly little guy. As you can see, he likes to cuddle up next to Belle and she "tolerates" it. He still loves his crate, but is starting to spend more and more time with us on the couch.

Cuddling with Belle

Mommy, get off NC!

Sleeping on the couch.

Belle went in his crate looking for crumbs and wasn't too happy about being shut in.

Represented on the tree. I already had the Belle ornament from before...it took me forever to find it one year. Hallmark actually made an ornament this year that looked like Andre.
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    Adorably sweet!

    Cyndi, even my male pit bull (the one in my siggie) is terrified at pet stores. I think some dogs just feel overwhelmed.

    Thanks for the follow up :)
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    Aw thanks for the update. He's very lucky to have you! And what a cutie!

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    thanks for sharing those pics. they are the cutest ever!! i hope your little guy is okay and lives a long life with you, your bf and belle.

    isn't it funny when they lean on your computer and give you sad eyes??
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    I didnt see the previous thread, but I just wanted to THANK YOU for adopting a homeless pet! You sound like the perfect forever home for Andre!
    I have a puppymill rescue too, we dont even know how old she is. It baffled me that she didnt know how to use stairs or even play with toys when we brought her home. She was terrified of us for a while, but we just showed her constant love love love :love4: , let her love us at her own pace, and she has completely transformed into the best dog Ive ever had. She now runs up stairs, loves her toys, and loooooves people and other dogs.
    Your Andre is adorable, Cavs are great little dogs
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    What sweet doggies! That's very cool of you to adopt him.
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    What a great story....made me teary :)
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    This story made me teary eyed, as well. Your puppies have the best home ever! They are so adorable.
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    Aww, I'm so happy you're adopting Andre. He is just the cutest, and I'm glad he'll have a home where he'll get the love and medical care he deserves after such a hard start in life.
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    So cute! :love7:

    And yes, Andre and Belle are awfully lucky to have you.
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    Aww. Andre is precious, and Belle i as beautiful as ever. Finding the ornament just shows you were meant to be a family!

    Andre is so very lucky to have been found/rescued by you, and I'm sure Belle will come to love him, too. Our cat has come to accept that Heidi isn't going away, either. (the fact that the dog was here first is lost on him, but that's a cat for ya!)

    And, for the record, Heidi doesn't mind Petco, but won't eat treats there, either. She HATES the ride in the car to/from the store though. Some things are just individual to us, both people and pets. I do like the idea of the puppy class. I think Heidi had a hand in teaching a teacup Maltese puppy, who was so scared, that not all bigger dogs are to be feared. She just got down as low as her (then) 40 pound body would go and played. Pretty soon, he was right there with her. So cute.
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    Congratulations! I'm glad you adopted Andre just the way he is. :) He will have an excellent life now with a family who loves him and will care for him properly. :thumbright: He deserves the best!
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    You're awesome, girl!
    Made me teary, too :)

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    Congrats! Andre is very lucky to have you.
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    More puppy love:

    Andre's continuing to do well. He's in his puppy class and is doing a little better with socializing. He still freaks out, but everybody in the class is so sweet and gets really excited when they see his tail wag or when he gets the courage to take a treat from somebody besides me. He looks pretty silly next to all of the puppies, but oh well. He's been backsliding with the housebreaking a little, so I'm having to crack down with the crate training. Yesterday, he gave me the saddest eyes when he had to go back in his crate after not going potty on his walk (he tends to have an accident in the afternoon). This is actually good...in the past, he didn't want to come out of his crate...he doesn't mind his crate now, but prefers to lay on the couch all day if we are home. We put another crate in the bedroom and he sleeps in there at night which I think is sweet...it means he wants to be near us. We don't even close the doors to his crate at night anymore...he is free to come and go. I'm not sure if he'll ever come out of his shell completely, but it makes me happy knowing he'll have a safe place to live out the rest of his life. You should see my boyfriend with him....Andre can do know wrong...his official name is "Angel Orphan Andre." He can get away with stuff that Bell could NEVER get away with doing. If Andre does something, its sweet. If Belle were to do it, she would be a brat. I'm not kidding! He loves that dog!!!
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    SO adorable!! :love8:
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    That is the sweetest thing ever! So happy to hear he's doing so well!
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    It's wonderful to hear how he is coming along and adjusting. Now he has the home and love he deserves. :)
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    Really wonderful, touching pictures and outcome. I'm so glad it worked out this way.
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    I've had 3 dogs with murmurs and 2 with chf. One pitbull who survived distemper lived with chf for 6 years. He did great with lasix and digoxin. Bad thing was we could never leave him overnight because he needed his meds....but he was worth it.
    My current bloodhound has a murmur 4/6. All of our dogs are rescues or from the pound so we never know their history or breeding.

    Andre sounds like a sweetheart. Too funny on your boyfriend's behavior. No favorites there. LOL
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    Well, both Belle and Andre finally saw the cardiologist on 2/26. Belle is still murmur free, but Andre has a grade 6 heart murmur (grade 6 is the worst). Although this isn't great news, it does qualify him for a clinical trial at Texas A&M. Right now, there aren't any meds known to prevent congestive heart failure in dogs with heart murmurs. However, he's going to be in a clinical trial that is looking at a drug called pimobendan which may slow the progression of mitral valve disease (very common in cavaliers) and prevent congestive heart failure. The only downside is that he may be in the plecebo group. I asked if there's a vet that would prescribe the meds now and I was told no. But the good part of the study is that he is getting a free cardio work up and will be closely monitored for CHF. If he's in the placebo group and does go into CHF, he will get the pimobendan free for the rest of his life. So either way, it's a good thing. Our appointment is on Wendesday. They are doing our initial work up to see if he really does qualify (xrays and such to see if his heart is enlarged...they are pretty sure it is). Although it's a three and half hour drive, it is so worth it. I will have to make the drive every four months for the study.

    Socially, he's making small gains. A few months ago I wouldn't have been happy with where he is now. I thought I was going to "rehabilitate" him and he was going to be more like Belle. I think I've come to accept that this is probably not going to happen. Six years of abuse is hard to undo. Even if he stays the way he is now forever, I'm okay with that. I just want to make his life as safe, happy, and comfortable as possible. I'm more concerned about his health at this point. Here at home, he's doing great. He hardly stays in his crate at all anymore, which he used to rarely come out of. This week, I even left his crate open during the day and he didn't have any accidents all week! I love coming home to see him and Belle curled up on the couch together!
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