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My 6-year old daughter has fairly long 4b hair. I usually put her hair in braids or two stranded twists.

I have used a raw shea butter/coconut oil mix to style her hair, but it seems to be too frizzy. Is there a styling cream that would be good to use that doesn't have silicone?

Also we always have trouble with detangling. Any product ideas for that?

And just ideas for daily upkeep of braids/twists b/c of course they start to look pretty frizzy after a few days.



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    there really isnt that much hold with the shea butter and coconut oil mix that allows the hair to stay in place for awhile after using it.

    Maybe you can try adding some aloe vera with it to give it an extra hold especially if you twist her hair when wet.

    Are you open to buying anything or would you prefer to make it? If you want to make something you can also add flax seed gel to your shea butter /coconut oil mix.

    Its a little messy until you get it but simply boil water and flax seeds until it starts to congeal, once it congeals pour it thru some pantyhoses to sieve the gel out then whip it into the shea butter.

    If you want to purchase something , Taliah waajid has a curl cream out

    deionized water, peg-75 Shea butter, sage extract, dmdm hydantoin, vegetable glycerin, burdoc protein, sodium polyacrylate, ethylhexyl, trideceth-6 fragrance

    A Happy Nappy Affair: Taliah Waajids newest Products

    ETA, what do you detangle her hair with and when do you detangle it? Some use conditioner, or a detangler like Knot Today
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    Also, detangling has a lot to do with's at least as important as product, if not more.
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