applying gel to damp hair vs soaking wet hair

lisabrown070109lisabrown070109 Posts: 205Registered Users
I've discovered that if I apply gel to my hair while its damp and not soaking wet, it won't shrink....I saw a lady on Youtube do just that....Sorry don't remember her name...She was right,...It worked just fine....I sprayed lightly with a spray bottle and worked the gel, from the ends up, each strand...more then 5 hour later, there is no shrinkage...I believe the concept of using gel on soaking wet hair came from the KCCC line and I just assumed that method would work for all gel...Well it don't, and there is a big difference when gel is applied to damp hair vs saoking wet hair..Just a thought:icon_smile:
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  • AmberBrownAmberBrown Posts: 1,072Registered Users
    All products work better on soaking wet hair pour moi. Especially gels that I use to lock in my natural hair pattern. That pattern is most prominent when my hair's soaking wet so it makes sense for me to use the gel at that point. I'm glad you worked this out for your hair though!:toothy4:
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    When I use KCCC, I only use it on dry to slightly damp hair. Soaking wet hair gives me the shrunken jheri curl look.
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    I apply product to damp hair. Soaking wet seems to lessen the effectiveness. Even after shampooing my hair I use a towel to remove the excess water from it.

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