Please help Ladies with Banding!!!!

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Ok so i know how to do it. My question is do you ladies have any pictures of the outcome of your banding? Also most importantly what do you suggest to use on your hair before banding. When i say what do you suggest i mean what leave-in conditioner do you suggest, oils, butters, whatever. I need to visit the store and i dont have alot to spend but my hair is very very thirsty and i am in need of a leave in that is heavy hopefully. I live in Chicago so its super cold and i kinda want my hair to be heavy so it will hang. Im looking to try this for New years so i appreciate all your help. thank you!!!!! oh one more thing. Do you band it back up for bed? if not what do you do to it in the am?
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    I would try banding on damp (almost dry) hair with a creamy leave-in conditioner. I would also seal my ends with an oil because--from previous experience--banding can leave your ends a bit dry. Make sure to leave losts of time for your hair to dry. Here's is a video that may help: (YouTube - Banding Natural Hair to Stretch No Heat- Tutorial pt 1).

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