Shower comb

I dropped my shower comb while I was doing my hair and it broke. The biggest tooth broke off. I bought it from Kmart but they don't have any anymore. I'm looking for a new comb for detangling in the shower. What do you all use?


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    I use one by Goody called Ouchless but I just recently bought another one by Nicky Clarke for people with thick hair but I am sure you can only get those in England since that is where he is from but the Goody comb should be available at Walmart. I bought mine from Asda which Walmart owns here in England.
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    I got one from Sally's that has a hook on the end so you can hang it up. I think it might be a Conair. It's not fancy, but it works.
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    I got the same one from Sally's with hook . I like it a lot .
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    I have the Sally's one with the hook too. I like it and it seems very durable. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped it, and it's still fine.
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    I got mine at Sally's too, the one with the hook, but it's by jilbere.

    Probably the same one, simce I see online that conair owns jilbere.

    I love it. It's smooth with teeth that are big enough but not too big, and it's handy!
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    I have the jilbere wide tooth detangler with hanging hook that I also got at Sally Beauty Supply. :D
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    I got mine about 2 years ago with an Oiudad was the only thing I liked from the order :( It sounds like the Sally one - it has a hook on it and I have dropped it alot and it has never broke.
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    i am also lookin for a comb. Doe sit have to be a wide toothed comb? If so how wide is wide for a wide tooth comb! Wide?
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    i also have the conair one with the hook , been using it for years , i have one in my shower and 1 for travel , for a while i couldnt find them but i have and bought 2 more to keep around. and it does hold up when u drop it , never breaks plus it gives me clumpy curls when i use it to comb condish or styling products in.
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    SuZen wrote:
    I got one from Sally's that has a hook on the end so you can hang it up. I think it might be a Conair. It's not fancy, but it works.

    I got mine from Wal-mart. I love it. :)
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    I got mine from Wal-mart. I love it.

    Ditto. I got a cheap one from wal mart with wide spaces/teeth on it and a hook. It works nice. It doesn't snag in my hair as much as the last one I had, and it hasn't broken on my shower floor(or IN my hair!) yet.