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Well I've decided my wavy hair looks much better when combed, as if it isn't it just clumps up and looks horrid. But just a few questions, are there specific types of combs which are good for wavy hair? Whens the best time to comb, after I wash my hair?


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    I think the best time is right after you put conditioner in your hair in the shower. I also use a wide tooth comb.
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    I use a Denman brush before diffusing, lightly after diffusing and then when needed during the day - makes my wavy/curly mess look more organised and more curly.
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    For detangling, comb your hair with a wide tooth shower comb while it has conditioner in it (and/or while rinsing it out for added slip).

    For setting the hair for smoothness or clumping, comb with a fine tooth comb or Denman brush as late in the wet routine as you can without messing up styling method. If you are going to style upside down, comb upside down. Combs without sharp ends or burr spots are best (duh). See super soaker method for one combing variation.

    To neaten messed up hair (esp crown), I use a wide tooth comb or fingers. Have this one at home and this smaller one in my purse (always have fingers with me!).
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