Curl Junkie Leave-In for sale/swap

masscurlymasscurly Posts: 297Registered Users
I have tried to love this but without much success. 90% full. Would swap for BB Happy Nappy Styles or sell for $15 (including shipping). Will accept paypal.

Oh, it's Thick and Luscious
Hair type: 4a/b...

Constantly seeking the perfect product combinations. I just want healthy and manageable hair!!!

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  • jilangmartyljilangmartyl Posts: 95Registered Users
    Is this the HB? If so I have Blended Beauty Samples I can give you.
    I have the following

    Happy Nappy Styles
    Styling Butter
    Curly Pudding
    Kick Curls
    Light Lotion

    These are samples from Sistas place, I am not sure if you order from them before. I used the happy nappy and BB twice, there is enough to try and the rest I did not use. I decided they are not what I want for my hair. I love CJ stuff. Let me know
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