My hair texture has related?

I used to have incredibly curly hair...than over the past year it has gone to straight/wavy. It has a TON of split ends. My hair is prone to them lately. I don't know if its a health related issue why my hair is changing... I trim dead ends of almost EVERY DAY. I don't know whats wrong with my hair. I use deep conditioners, leave ins, hair masks and nothing helps. Its also brittle and dry.


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    Ideas - some are easy to test out changes:
    your water - easy fix with cheap shower water filters at hardware store (huge improvement for me)
    moisture / protein balance
    physiology - hair grows about 1/2 in per month, so may see a hair time line in your hair. In addition to health & nutrition, oil production can change.

    Lots of info on the forum. Maybe search for:
    protein moisture balance - associated press article, dorm room curly
    types of frizz (masterpost) - somewhere I saw a picture of types of split ends and what that means
    m-c iii-ii | loose spirals with ringlets
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    Health can absolutely change your hair.
    I have systemic lupus and my hair has suffered tremendously. Thankfully it's growing back with the help of Rogaine and biotin.

    First, if you really notice a huge change, you need so see your doctor. Hair loss can be a sign of a medical condition- anything from hypothyroid, anemia, lupus, alopecia, stress, hormonal disruption, medications, etc, etc. Our hair is indicative of our overall health.

    do you take birth control pills, anti-depressants, high blood pressure medication, etc? All can affect your hair.
    Are you having any other health problems?
    How's the weather where you live? Is it new to you?

    In the meantime, baby your hair. Love it, pet it and call it George, Or whatever you want to call it. =)

    What products are you using? Are you CG? If not, consider it.
    Removing detergent based shampoo will only improve your hair. If you're using silicone based conditioners, the silicone isn't allow moisture to penetrate the hair and it requires detergent to remove it. Nasty cycle if you're already having hair problems.

    When you're trimming the split ends, be sure your scissors are super sharp otherwise you're not really helping your hair any.. not getting a clean break but more like a tear.

    Be sure you're eating enough protein and that you're not anemic.

    Put a filter on your shower.

    Hair needs protein to hold on to moisture. But too much protein will cause your hair to become dry and strawlike.
    At the same time, overconditioning can make your hair look dry and strawlike too. is a great site. You can learn all how your hair and its needs.
    to learn about hair loss in women
    Hair Loss

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