Water Woes!!

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Hello, fellow curlygirls! :D I just found this site, and I'm so excited that I just had to post my first question. LOL

I just moved to the mid-west from Florida, and my curls went from "WOW!" to "Whaaa?!?" Someone told me that it's because the water is different here. Is this true, and if so, is there any hope for my curls? They're still there, just not as bouncy.

Just so you know, my hair is a mix of Irish, Spanish (from Spain), and Native American...and it shows. LOL It's very oily at the scalp, then gets bone-dry about 2 inches down. It's curly in the front and in the bottom layer, but wavy on top and in the back. I have been straightening my hair my whole life, but 3 months ago I decided to stop fighting mother nature and I couldn't be happier. :D

I'd love any suggestions for my hair that any of you may have.


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    Welcome to the Midwest, hope you like it here!
    One problem you've encountered is the change in humidity. It has been cold in FL, but the winter dewpoints here (depending on how far north you are) get very low and that is often bad news for wavy/curlies.
    My summer hair and winter hair behave quite differently.

    We have hard water in the Midwest. Most cities get their water from groundwater aquifers or from rivers, regardless of the source there is lots of calcium and other minerals in there. It helps if you have a water softener (the kind that softens water for the whole house), or a filter on the shower head.

    Those minerals can build up if you use neither a filter or water softener, and ingredients like citric acid and EDTA help remove them. I've heard they are drying. I know they are discoloring.

    If you wash with gentle shampoos "low-poos" or wash less often, you may find your scalp becomes less oily (unless you're a teenager...).

    Good luck, hope you find lots of great information here!
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    Thanks for the info, IAgirl! I'll definitely try the water softener idea. I lived right off the coast in south-central Florida, so humidity was never lacking. :tongue: LOL Now my whole body is feeling the drought!!
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    My hair was also oily before I started adding moisture to it. It was oily because it was so dry, if that makes sense. I was stripping my hair so much with sulfates that my hair went into overdrive and produced much more oil than I needed. I found that conditioning a lot more helped a lot. You might also want to consider going CG, or shampoo-less, like lots of us here do.

    Good luck!
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    It doesn't last forever! Sometime around April and May we get more humidity. Where I live, we can get dewpoints up into the 70s in summer, so you'll feel right at home. Except there are no beaches, no oceans, sigh.

    Go for plenty of moisture and protein (if your hair likes that) in winter. My hair loves humectants anytime of the year. It does help to wear a hat or have your hair covered outdoors when it's really cold and dry. If the weather chaps your lips, it dries your hair too. We have a humidifier which I move around from room to room and that helps the skin etc.

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