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Is your SO ashamed to carry it?

Personally, I'm not ashamed at all.
Northern Colombia.


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    Nope. He'll carry my purse, no problem. He's also spent a fair amount of time carrying Barbie dolls for our daughter.
  • MichelleBFTMichelleBFT Posts: 4,812Registered Users
    He only get annoyed from a "this is yours, why aren't *you* carrying it?" perspective-- but no, not ashamed.
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    He doesn't mind holding onto it for a minute or two, long enough for me to finish whatever it was that was occupying my hands.
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    He offered to hold my purse for me while I ran into a public restroom on our first date :love7:
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    Not in the least. Offers to hold it or even carry it for me all the time.
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    He will carry it, offer to hold it if he knows it will get in my way while shopping, offer to hold it if he thinks I won't need it while going to the restroom, and carry the pink diaper bag.

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    I've never asked anyone to carry my purse or me. But I've asked men to hold it for me for a minute and have never had anyone say no.
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  • OBBOBB Posts: 4,174Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    if anyone woman asks me to hold their purse i would immediately go through it and grab 100$ b/c i believe thats the cost to get my manhood back from the man club.
  • mrspoppersmrspoppers Posts: 7,223Registered Users Curl Novice
    Nah, he doesn't care about that kind of thing.
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  • coilynappcoilynapp Posts: 4,233Registered Users
    In the beginning my SO gave me the devil of a time when I asked him ONCE to hold my purse as I got something out of the car. I was sooo miffed. When I asked him about it, he was like "that's not what men do". I was like....ummmm you better let that sh*t go, it's not like I'm asking you to wear my dress so that I know how it will look on me" He was also annoyed when I gave him the grocery bags/shopping bags to carry and put at his feet if we were riding in my car.

    Some men are confused and think that them holding your purse means that they are a sissy.... I don't get it.

    Nowadays, he has no problem with doing ANYTHING for me. I don't make him carry my purse (I would never do that to anyone) but at least hold it when I need to get something
  • PhDCowPhDCow Posts: 1,621Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    He only complains when it doesn't match his outfit. ;)
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  • wonderdiana - shopaholic takes a napwonderdiana - shopaholic takes a nap Posts: 1,728Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I think he's carried it a few times... he'd rather carry the shopping bags.
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  • AG.AG. Posts: 1,519Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Eilonwy wrote: »
    Do you think this may be viewed differently in Colombia than in the US?

    Nah, it's the same. Some are ashamed, some couldn't care less.
    Northern Colombia.
  • Who Me?Who Me? Posts: 3,181Registered Users
    I've never asked anyone to carry my purse or me. But I've asked men to hold it for me for a minute and have never had anyone say no.

    Me too. He'll hold my purse for a second while I'm putting on my jacket, for example, so I don't have to try to juggle it in my hands, or balance it between my knees. I've never asked anyone to carry it for me, though. I mean, how rude! I have no problem with a guy carrying his daughter's barbies, or a diaper bag when out with the kids...but there is NO reason to ask your man-friend to carry your purse. What's wrong with your arms? If you can't carry it, then you shouldn't have it with you.
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  • BekkaPooBekkaPoo Posts: 3,861Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    OBB wrote: »
    if anyone woman asks me to hold their purse i would immediately go through it and grab 100$ b/c i believe thats the cost to get my manhood back from the man club.
    PhDCow wrote: »
    He only complains when it doesn't match his outfit. ;)

    :D both funny comments.. lol

    Hey, if I can wash his drawers he can hold my purse for a minute. And he doesn't mind anyways.. I have a pretty androgynous "purse". It's a backpack.
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    When I'm w/ him, I never have my purse w/ me, just ID...

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  • redhedgrlTredhedgrlT Posts: 178Registered Users
    My DH is good. He has never complained about it. Especially if he wants me to hold all of his crap in my purse(wallet, sunglasses,phone,etc) he better hold it for me if I need him too :)

    He has even picked up feminine products for me the one and only time I asked him. He is a keeper :)
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  • BefrizzledBefrizzled Posts: 3,854Registered Users
    I've never asked anyone to carry my purse or me. But I've asked men to hold it for me for a minute and have never had anyone say no.

    Same here. SO will occasionally keep it and carry it around a section of a clothing store if I'm actively trying on jackets or something, as I do with his coat or shopping bags if he's doing the trying-on, but he never just carries it for me.
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    My husband will hold it for me if I've got my arms full of other stuff and he's never complained about it.
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    PhDCow wrote: »
    He only complains when it doesn't match his outfit. ;)

    i dont LOL too often but this made me do it :thumbleft:

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