Black colored henna?

kashlykashly Registered Users Posts: 57
hey everyone is there such thing as henna that dyes your hair black or very dark brown? thanks!
Curls are beautiful <3


  • SailaSaila Registered Users Posts: 1,212 Curl Neophyte
    Short answer: no.
    Long answer: Henna for Hair
  • coilynappcoilynapp Registered Users Posts: 4,233
    Saila wrote: »
    Short answer: no.
    Long answer: Henna for Hair

    If you want black, you can use indigo after you have used henna (and rinsed it). The link Saila provided will be very informative
  • kashlykashly Registered Users Posts: 57
    oh nice do you guys know of any natural hair salons that could do this for me? i feel like i could really really mess this process up especially since im trying to get rid of the red in my dark brown hair at all costs!!!
    Curls are beautiful <3
  • SailaSaila Registered Users Posts: 1,212 Curl Neophyte
    I don't know of any salons that do henna. It's not practical and messy. Henna is always a risk to some degree. You can either keep researching until you are sure of a recipe or just get regular dye. At home processes are cheaper, but more risky.
  • AllyTAllyT Registered Users Posts: 613
    I'm afraid to do a two-step process with henna as well. Henna alone is difficult enough. People on here rave about henna. It is based in Kent, Ohio and they apply henna in their salon according to folks on here. I don't know of any others. I would probably just use a black hair dye if I wanted black hair. I'd love to go back to chemical hair dyes again, but I'm afraid to do that until my hennaed hair grows out. Henna is a pain in the patootie, there are only limited colors you can go with it, and you can't dye or bleach over hennaed hair unless you're 100% sure it is 100% pure henna on your head. I don't buy all the jive from people on this site, either. It is packaged and branded just like any other henna. A perfectly fresh product? Please. It ships from a warehouse in Kent, Ohio. Ohio ain't no Pakistan.

    Gobrej henna (I think I got the spelling right) is a powdered henna mixture with other natural ingredients like alma that provide brown tones. It made my hair really dark. I still get reddishness with it, though. I'd be wary of anyone selling "Black henna" or "Blonde henna" - real henna turns red and only red. The Gobrej I mentioned may indeed have chemicals in it as well - that is why I'm just not a henna girl. Unless you pick it yourself, it can contain metallic salts, it can be processed with chemicals, and you're STUCK with it is the worst part. Might as well just use Clairol, IMO.

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