Goin To Spain {Hair Help]

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So I'm graduating this year, and my plans were to go to Spain for a journalism internship. Although I am really excited, getting there is really stressful. And it's taking a toll on my health(hair).

I'm really stressed about my hair! I'm transitioning {on my 4th month, maybe}, and I wanted to do the big chop right before I leave in May, and get a really good sew-in, to protect my hair, and grow my hair out to my desired length. Is that a good plan or not? Would it be cheating? Would it be beneficial? I really need you ladies opinions on transitioning and weave{lol}!



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    I would love you give you some advice, but I'm not sure what to tell you. I've never had weave, while I was a permed head and I didn't have it while I transitioned. I'm sure that if you got a sew in done properly and kept up a healthy regimen for your hair beneath the weave, you would be okay. Then again, what do I know? LOL.

    Hopefully someone else with some experience in this could better advise you.
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