Wanting to go shorter... pics please!

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Ok. So, I want to go shorter because:

My hair is pretty darn curly (I've been told a mixture of 3a with a few 3b, I guess slightly curlier than Annalynne McCord) but if I get out of the shower, put my hair in a pony tail and let it dry... the hair on top (i.e. not the pony tail) will be practically straight and the ponytail will be curly...

I figured if I go short (so that the only ponytail I can put it in would be like, 2 inches or 3cm long) then my hair would be relatively straight all over.

What do you think?

Then I was looking on the internet and found some nice looking styles like that, but curly. This made me interested in looking into a short-ish curly shag.

PLEASE post pictures of your shags or others cuz I'm having a really hard time finding any...

Thanks for reading all of this and any advice is welcome!

p.s. sorry for the long kinda two part question... I didn't know who to turn to, so I thought you guys were as good a source as any :)

Aussie girl :wave:
3b/a normal porosity, just past the shoulders (when straight), layered with caramel blonde highlights!
Totally new to curls, but so far I love D-fine body at the roots spray, Organix shea butter shampoo and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted conditioner
Sorry, but I LOVE straightening my hair!


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    I have 3b curls which are fairly thick. I would advise you to NOT cut too much off at one time from experience. Everytime I cut it I regret it because the shorter I would cut my hair it seems like its harder to mange. Personally I think you just do a little bit a first to see how you like it. Although most girls say layers are bad on curly hair I found that a couple a ling layers are too my benefit. Hope this helps!

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