Any advice on remoisturizing hair after dying?

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My hair always gets super dry and stressed after I dye it and I was wondering if anyone had any tips/secrets/advice, etc. to help my hair recover after coloring it. I use the Garnier Nutrisse, which I think is one of the gentler dyes out there (the one with fruit oils in it) but my hair still gets really dried out. It takes days of me babying it, gently washing/conditioning it, using a DT, etc. just to get it halfway back to its normal moisturized state (which isn't that moisturized anyway as my hair is very dry anyway). I colored it Thursday hoping it'd look nice on Saturday for the holiday, and it still looked dry and frizzed. I was bummed. Today it looks just ok, better than yesterday, but not back to normal.
Even when I get it professionally colored, I have this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The only thing I am thinking of doing is a cellophane to add shine and softness. (which I'd have the salon do, I wouldn't do it myself) Any thoughts?
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