Should I try it?

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Ok so in my 1st post i talked about me transitioning and asking for help and everything. In Nov. I kind of did the bc but the front of my hair is still relaxed(half way) because of the style.(I'll post the link below)The back is 100% natural & i love the curls and ever since it's been growing like crazy! My stylist said when it gets grows longer she would put in a weave. I've never had a weave before so i'm kinda curious. I like the idea because i can stop using heat completely for a while.But i'm still a little hesitant. What should I do?

here's what the syle looks like (


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    No experience with weaves but you can do braid outs to blend the relaxed hair with the natural hair until you reach the length you want in the front.
    Transitioned 26 months - BC - 12/5/2010
    Current - SL ; CBL stretched
    Goal - HL curly

    Pre-poo - HV Vatika Frosting
    Wash - HV Amala Cream Rinse or SheScentIt (SSI) Jojoba Hemp Conditioning Shampoo (to clarify)
    Leave-in -
    SSI Coco Creme Leave-In/Green Grape then seal with HV Cocasta Shikakai Oil or Komaza Coconut Curl Spray plus Coconut Curl Hair Lotion
    DC -
    SSI Banana Brulee
    Edges/twist outs - KCCC/Komaza
    Coconut Curly Pudding/Curl Gel-les`c

    Still sampling...just the PJ in me:toothy8:

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