What is the Most Annoying Comment(s) made about your hair??

TeeKenTeeKen Registered Users Posts: 5
Sperale asks:…
What is the most annoying comment made about your hair?...Whether by your family, a friend, a random stranger in the street.
How did you take it??

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  • AvaryleesisAvaryleesis Registered Users Posts: 6
    The worst thing I hear is my hair is nappy and that would have to be by my mom. It's so hurtful. :)
  • chocolate<3chocolate<3 Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
    aww from your mom? D: my mum just tells me to luv my hair no matter how ugly and frizzy it looks.............. she just doesnt want to spend money on product and stuff :T haha......................

    anywaaaaaaays...... i guess the most annoying thing would be how almost everyone i know wants me to straighten my hair.. like it doesnt look good enough naturally? or they're just JEALOUUUS ;D lol ..or when people compare my curls to my curly haired friends and pick whose is better
  • alaskantsunamialaskantsunami Registered Users Posts: 421
    My friend told me I looked good with straight hair, and I told her thank you. So my other friend asked me if I like it like that, and I said no, I didn't feel like me, I felt like everyone else. So the first friend is like "oh my God Nikki. You have to be the biggest fashion rebel I know.

    I was like really? Because I want to be myself and stand out? Yeah...
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  • makemesmile29makemesmile29 Registered Users Posts: 42
    i hate it when i show people a picture of my hair straight and they tell me i should do it more often... whats wrong wiht my hair this way..? and this one guuy at school tells me that my hair looks like *****..... now thats insaulting
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  • curlyKekecurlyKeke Registered Users Posts: 2
    My friends say the worst things in my mind, I know they don't mean to hurt my feeling but I wore my hair really big and puffy one day and everybody said "Oh god your hair is huge, why is it like that? It's so puffy!" and That just really hurts my feelings, I mean it took me so long to actually like my hair and now people make me think I shouldn't.
  • 7nicole37nicole3 Registered Users Posts: 30
    people are really just jelouse, think about it! to prom people always curl there hair, to there wedding people curl there hair, they curl there hair for the most important days, so they are just jelouse that u get to have those days, everyday. just ignore them all! i straighten my hair only 1-2 times a month and that is just cuaz i want a change sometimes, but if i had to choose i would always choose it curly. alot of people have made ****ty comments on my hair, one of my freinds used to call me poodle non-stop, and others always tell me to straighten it. but trust me! dont ever listen to em, cuaz even ur friends can betray u sometimes
    cant wait to grow it out!!
  • chocolate<3chocolate<3 Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
    okay, so the day after i posted my first reply, someone told me that my curly hair made them want to punch me -.-

    Thanks, i finally found a way to make my hair actually look good and your going to punch me.
  • voguefashion334voguefashion334 Registered Users Posts: 15
    My mom always comments: "Did you brush your hair today??":argue:
    Code for "Your hair doesn't look decent to me and I don't want you to go out looking like that"
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  • NoodleHead14NoodleHead14 Registered Users Posts: 38
    When my family constantly tells me I have "big, poofy hair" I used to let it get to me but now I just ignore them or say "Yeah and what's your point?" :D
  • NoodleHead14NoodleHead14 Registered Users Posts: 38
    It's really annoying though
  • letta510letta510 Registered Users Posts: 60
    :tongue5:You need a perm lol. I get that from a lot of people but mainly my mom and white people. I tell them ah no I dont YOU do! My mother follows everyone else so now that all of her friends are going natural so is she but oh when I did it my hair was too nappy! lol but its ok. i like my hair I'll never go back to a perm
  • ayotalayotal Registered Users Posts: 76
    one of the worst things was one time a cousin of mine was visiting who i hadn't seen in a while (years) and when he gave me a hug, he said to me "take care of your hair" basically telling me it looked horrible. i wasn't natural at that point but it was very rude.

    now that i'm natural i've heard. "you need to do something about that bush"

    ive also heard "you aren't going to be following me around with your hair looking like that!"

    family sometimes....*sigh*
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  • blazejw24blazejw24 Registered Users Posts: 20
    Ugh! It drives me nuts when people take cracks at curly hair! The comment that makes me go bezerks though is the "do you ever straighten your hair??" comment. I don't wear my hair down a lot, but when I do people always ask that. It's like 'gee, thanks. I'm so glad you like my hair curly and can accept me for who I am.'
    I did have a friend tell me that my hair deserved it's own zip code one time though, it was funny though. She told me she was going to introduce me to her friends at her new school "Hi, this is my friend, and yes, her hair does have it's own zip code." haha. :P
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  • shannonathenashannonathena Registered Users Posts: 12
    The top two things that annoy me are people who tell me I have "poofy, puffy hair" or ask me if I ever straighten my hair. The former annoys me because I honestly just think it's so out of line to comment on someone's personal appearance if you don't have anything nice to say. Did I ask you to say something about my hair? What if I walked up to you and said your hair looks flyaway and limp or frizzy? It wouldn't be so nice, would it? And the claims that people can't see the chalkboard because of my "poofy hair" drive me nuts. I know you're just saying that to be a jerk, so kindly shut up. And obviously, when people ask if I ever straighten my hair it annoys me because I'd straighten my hair if I wanted to. So no, I don't ever straighten my hair, genius.


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  • Lion.GirlLion.Girl Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thankfully most of my friends are actually quite envious of my hair so i don't have to put up with these comments much.. But most often i get the old "Uuurgh, your hair's too puffy/fluffy". It drives me mad :? But i love my hair anyway, even when it is "too fluffy". I'd rather have it like that than just lying there looking limp and lifeless ;)
  • Lotsa loopsLotsa loops Registered Users Posts: 130
    The most annoying thing that's happened to me is this one girl pulled one of my curls and was like "Whoa! How did you do that?"

    Me: "Do what?"

    Girl: "Get your hair like that!"

    Me: "Um, let's see... Walked out of the shower, scrunched in some leave - in conditioner, and then put in some gel!"

    Cue the girl walking away.

    Once she's out of sight me and my friend who was near me started laughing.

    Me: "She asked!"
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  • Lioness893Lioness893 Registered Users Posts: 8
    A teacher from elementary school who had pin straight hair was like woah u look like a mop head....but in a good way. Then my friend autumn said to the teachers face that she looked like a pinhead. :thumbup: It was a good day for my friend and I
    People made fun of me because I was a "mop head" but I told them I had a lions mane. :thumbleft:
  • anonymous_66388anonymous_66388 Registered Users Posts: 28
    Is your hair crunchy ? *person proceeds to grab hair* No.........
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  • etchasketchetchasketch Registered Users Posts: 56
    "sweetie, you should do your hair like you did for prom everyday!"

    sure mom, because it didn't take three hours and completely fry my hair afterwards. jeez!
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  • k.leek.lee Registered Users Posts: 42
    One girl who was talking about how she had to cut her hair because it was fried asked me why i didn't put the stuff in my hair to make it pretty. i just sighed and kept going on with my day.
  • CurlyRachie111CurlyRachie111 Registered Users Posts: 1
    For me the most annoying comment someone has ever said to me was

    ..:Omg! You would look really pretty if you had straight hair!" Like that's a compliment! Another time would be when i was walking down a street and a random person went "EWW, Your hair is so curly!

    But then again i have gotten many compliments from random people on streets also.., like this one guy was like, "DAMN GIRL WORK THOSE CURLS"

    I have a mixture of 3a,(3b Mostly) and 3c :)

    Embrace your curls!!
  • littleirishcurlylittleirishcurly Registered Users Posts: 38
    I really hate it when I go to school with my hair down(it's still a little wet then) and then it starts to dry. It just annoys me when people tell me when it's time to put my hair in a ponytail for the rest of the day. Also, I wore my hair straight for one week, and now people ask me "why don't you straighten your hair everyday?" Then i reply "Because it takes 2 1/2 hours, and it fries my hair." (this is the last thing) Also, theres another girl in my class that has very curly hair like me, but she straightens it everyday. I hate it when people compare me to her. :((
  • dancerbaeedancerbaee Registered Users Posts: 6
    "How are you sooooo dark with curly hair like that?"
    That question get's on my last nerve....it's like they've never seen a chocolate ginger with curly hair like that. UGGHH
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  • olivthecurlsolivthecurls Registered Users Posts: 17
    when i figured out how to curl my hair the right way, i walked into class the next day and the first thing some stupid boy said to me was "wow, SOMEONE didn't brush their hair this morning". way to boost a sixth grader's confidence! i love my curls. also, when ever i do my hair straight people are like "woahh, did you get a hair cut?" no. it's weird because my hair is LONGER when it's straight... SHORTER when it's curly. people are so questionable!
  • angie4779angie4779 Registered Users Posts: 7
    I'm still trying to figure out how to scrunch my hair and everything in the morning without having a halo of frizz :(

    And i HATE it when my supposedly best friend says "You should straighten it, it would look SO pretty!"

    ... gee thanks :(
    (2c hair)
  • tonkarchie123tonkarchie123 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Definitely that my hair looks good straightened, that I look really pretty with my hair straightened, that I should straighten my hair more... blah blah blah. Curly hair is so under-appreciated, especially in my generation, it seems. :/
  • ultracurlzultracurlz Registered Users Posts: 213 Curl Neophyte
    i went to go somewhere and my brother says(he is white) " hey,ah, you have a bit of a fro going on there......"
    i thought yeah.....thats the piont.

    how do you get your curls so small!
    it grows out of my head...disbalivieng look

    my personal favorite-"your hair looks like (hair down under)"
    die a fiery de3ath you*****es:evil1: grrrr

    you should straiten your hair....no i shouldn't

    why is your hair so short?
    because i fried it strait for six years:) *smile sweatly*
    why is your hair dead agian?
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  • lovely_locks105lovely_locks105 Registered Users Posts: 27
    well, everyone in my class thinks i look better with straight hair, and one time this bratty chick in my class was like "your hair looks greasy and oily and heavy today >:P" and i had just taken a shower THAT morning! it might have been the product...but my mom says i shouldnt mess wit my hair cuz its beautiful and stuff....but most of the time im not liking my hair
  • TheSimbaLookTheSimbaLook Registered Users Posts: 13
    So I really liked this kid and I thought he was great until we were talking one day and he said he hated curly hair. Well that was the end of that. If a guy can't except me for the real me then he is NOT worth it!
  • lldm2lldm2 Registered Users Posts: 173
    When people tell me on a regular basis that they'd love to straighten my hair because it would look "so pretty!" Easily the most annoying thing. If I cared about how you would like to see my hair, I would straighten it more often than 2x a year or so.


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