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Hi! I've been lurking a while and have gone mostly CG with low-poo for quite a few months now. But I just now joined. My problem is that I have a lot of hair that is a lot straighter than my canopy. My "under-canopy" (don't know the right word) is barely wavy at all.:sad10: And since I'm a nurse, and I tend to wear my hair up a hair loses the curl and gets a lot straighter after I take it down. This wouldn't bother me as much if it weren't for the hair that is straight naturally!! I have layers cut in my hair to thin it out because it used to be really thick. I had a baby in May and I lost a LOT of hair afterwards and it isn't replacing itself so far. So, the longest part of my hair seems to be the straightest. I realize it could be the weight...but I don't really think so. Cuz part of the length is 2C and then the rest is barely even 2A. It looks like I had a relaxer in it that has grown out.

So, to solve all my problems, I've been thinking about getting a perm. But I'm not really sure yet cuz I don't want to cause a lot of damage. For the first time in my life, I don't have dead ends!! I know I can just have them trimmed...and I plan to take care of my hair totally CG or mostly CG. But I also want the curls close to what I already have...although I wouldn't mind having 3A curls. What do you all think?


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    Back in the 80s when my mom made me get perms at a salon, they fried my hair. I have fine hair which has low porosity (especially when I was a kid) and so they really had to load on the chemicals to break the hair down in order to perm it.
    When I was a teen I did some home perms which were milder and therefore either didn't "take" or didn't last, but also did not fry my hair into a dull, straw-like mess.
    So it helps to know more about your hair, check out this website: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

    If your hair is not otherwise processed, heat-damaged or very coarse, it probably has low porosity, making perming more difficult and damaging. If it has normal porosity, then a perm might be less damaging.

    But around here, we're all about getting to know the hair you have and learning to love it and work with it. When I began to try making the most of my waves, I had no idea what would come of it and I made few expectations and set no goals. I wanted to work with what nature gave me and not end up with a routine that was a chore or gave me inconsistent results.

    Your body has been through big, big changes and needs time to recover. I have seen cats, squirrels and other furry ones who lose their coats after having a litter. It comes back slowly because pregnancy is such a physical stress on the body.

    It's not uncommon for people to have all sorts of textures of hair on their heads. Some of us have straighter canopies, some of us have straighter under-hair. If you have hair which is looking wavier near your head and straighter at the ends, that's usually a sign of too much conditioner/not getting it well-rinsed out, or conditioner build-up!

    You might try some protein to see if that gives your hair a boost. There are protein-containing conditioners which can work wonderfully if left on for several minutes, and there are "protein packs" which might give your hair a boost of waviness, or at least shine, strength and elasticity.

    I'm sure others will have some ideas to coax out the waves or help you out. And if it's 3a curls you want and only a perm will do, then protein and good hair-care will still be of great benefit.
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    I remember how frustrating it was trying to fight bad hair days when I wanted to give myself a boost and look cute as a new mom. Hang in there!

    Give your hair time to grow back, and don't do anything drastic in the way of processing for a while until you know if your hair has changed texture because of the pregnancy. My hair was always wavy and has stayed that way, but I see a lot of ladies posting here who say their hair became either wavier OR straighter after pregnancy. Maybe try a shorter, low-maintenance style to give yourself a break while dealing with all the new-baby sleep deprivation?

    With all my pregnancies, it took a couple months after for my hair to even start falling out (2-3 months post-partum) and even then I couldn't even see the regrown hair for a couple more months because it was still so short. When my babies were about six months old is when I started to notice this weird fringe of hair, about an inch long, around my hairline, that was unruly and difficult to tame.

    One of my favorite products for taming the "fringe" is Tigi Bedhead Manipulator. Not sure if the ingredients are CG compliant, but it worked wonders for making my wispy growing in layer lay down and blend with the rest of my hair. It's a bit pricey for a small container, but a little goes a long way, and it will last you until way past when your regrowth has gotten long enough to blend in.

    Good luck, and congratulations on being a mom!
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    Lots of us have a straighter underneath layer. It's very common -- just do a search on the tool bar in the top right corner of the page and you'll see lots of threads started about straighter under layers. It's just a part of the way your hair is. I would tend to shy away from a perm, especially after you just brought your hair into a beautiful, healthy condition. It would probably reverse all the great things you did to your hair and might even damage it.

    Some people have their straighter under layer cut shorter so it doesn't stick out so much. I would consider a haircut to get the weight off of your curls, too, so they can bounce up. Do you use gel? If so, scrunch your curls underneath more so they can clump together better. A diffuser might be useful to help your hair curl better, too.

    Good luck, and in Chicklegirl's words: congrats on the new baby!
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    Yes I do use gel. But a huge problem for me is when I have to put my hair up. I've worn it back or up for so many years, I absolutely cannot stand for my hair to be in my face if I have to do a lot of bending over (which is often as a nurse). And if I start getting hot (which is often cuz I'm hot-natured), the hair goes up faster than you can blink!! When I take my hair down, it is usually much straighter than before I put it up. My hair takes well to whatever you do to it. I've slept before with my hair pulled back and left stick straight on my back and when I woke up, it was straight. So what could I do to combat my hair straightening after I put it up?

    I could try the hair cut...but I like having longer hair. Although sometimes, I think I look better with it shorter because I have a small forehead and really long hair kinda makes me look like I have a shrunken head, ha ha!

    Oh and I've always had wavy hair...but I've always fought it and didn't take care of it much at all. I'm more into make-up (I did my avatar make-up) and am just now getting into really taking care of my hair. And by the way, this is my 2nd baby. Thanks for the congrats!

    How would I tell the stylist to cut my hair short on the underhair without it looking weird?
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    I've heard other wavies talk about spritzing solutions to refresh their curls/waves if they start to fall out part-way during the day, which may work for you after you've put your hair up.

    I haven't every really tried this myself, except for to reactivate my curls for second day hair. There's a recipe for a spritz originally in the Curly Girl book on this thread. Also, Kinky Curly makes a spritz that has lavender, too. I haven't tried it, but you can check the reviews here.
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    Thanks for that info. I also wanted to add that I use my own oil blend on my ends after every wash. I use it lightly on my canopy but really concentrate on the ends. I haven't noticed it making the canopy ends straighter...just my under hair. Would this have anything to do with it?
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    Oil might weigh your hair down and make it straighter if it is fine and/or easily weighted down.
    As for a cut -- sometimes people cut the under-layers shorter if they are going to wear their hair down and those straighter layers will stick out longer than the wavy ones.
    I used to have a job in which I had to wear my hair 100% up and off face and neck and no, it never looked good if taken down after work unless it was re-wet and styled. Which I never did! The straightening effect of wearing it up lasts after taken down, which is kind of the nature of fine, wavy hair. It doesn't have a strong (resilient) wave pattern.

    It might work to pull the front up in twists, or make a bun which would give you some waves, depending on the length of your hair. You could make one bun with the top hair and one with the bottom hair too.
    You could pull the front up but twist each side like this hairstyle probably is done and that would create some wave during the day.half-up-half-down-prom-hairstyles.jpg

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