curl definer that wont crunch?

wavy and crazy!!wavy and crazy!! Registered Users Posts: 8
i have wavy/curly hair thats really thick and all the products ive tried have made my hair all crunchy and stiff (mainly mousses and custards) is there a product out there that will define and defrizz without all the crunchies? :-?


  • chocolate<3chocolate<3 Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
    if your hair is really thick a gel or something thicker might work better... im using sunsilk captivating curls but i have 3b hair

    or, you could get a gel that does crunch. when you put it in, twist your hair one way then the other and the crunch should go away :)
  • Very Curly GurlyVery Curly Gurly Registered Users Posts: 16
    try activation gel. :)
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  • lovely_locks105lovely_locks105 Registered Users Posts: 27
    i like the herbal essences "totally twisted" curl gel. pretty sure you can get it at walmart. i also want to try the curly hair solutions products
  • Violet:)Violet:) Registered Users Posts: 13
    I use Herbal Essences curl gel right after I come out of the shower...I have 3a hair thats thick so might work for you...

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