Good vibes needed for the Christmas kitty...

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I helped rescue a kitty today that one of my friends who lives in a very rural area has been sort of feeding for the past couple of weeks. Her family doesn't want another cat, so she's been feeding him secretly. However they are leaving for vacation in a few days and won't be around to look after him. My friend told me that there is something wrong with one of his legs-- either it's broken or is an old poorly healed injury. They don't know anything about him besides that he showed up a few weeks ago and hasn't left.

I convinced my dad (a die hard animal lover) to help me rescue the cat and get it to a vet. The cat got into the carrier very easily as we coaxed him in with food, and he is clearly very hungry. He seemed friendly enough and wanted attention-- he seemed like he had been somebody's pet at some point. By the time we got him to the vet he had meowed himself hoarse and seemed tired. The vet said he is very dehydrated and malnourished and obviously needed an x-ray for his leg, but had also been neutered. We left him overnight for fluids and an x-ray and blood tests in the morning. The vet seemed nervous about his leg-- he said it wasn't broken, but didn't know exactly what was wrong with it.

My little sister named him Trout. Any good thoughts for this lucky Christmas kitty in the coming days would be greatly appreciated! The vet is going to call us tomorrow with the results of the tests. I hope it's good news.
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    Oh, good luck Trout!

    Thank you, lauraloo, for rescuing him!
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    poor kitty :( I have my own cat in my lap right now. Hope Trout gets better.
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    Oh, I hope he's OK! (((Trout and LauraLoo))). :love7:
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    awwww good luck trout!
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