Turn white streaks into highlighted streaks?

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For about the last five years I've let my dark brown hair turn gray, and loved it until now. For a while, I was absolutely delighted with a chucky white streak in the front of my hair! I've never had the courage to color my hair, so that was the closest I'd ever come to it looking so different, other than letting it go curlly. I find that my curls (3C) look better near my white streaks.

However, along with my fabulous streak, slowly but surely came other white hair mainly in front, that are not so fabulous. I can bearly see the brown color in my hair, it just looks dark mixed with white. Now, (finally my question) what can I use to color my hair so the white hair looks like highlights?

The look I think I'm going for is brown hair with lighter brown highlights. I'm hoping there is something brown I can put on my hair that will allow such a look. Is there anyone who knows what that could be?
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Bunning:Long Aid for smoothing waves
Experimenting with: twists & curling relaxed ends

If we don't control our hair, how will we control our lives? :silent:

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