Oldies but still goodies

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I know from time to time we tend to change or hair care routine and products...especially when they don't seem to work anymore :sad10:...but which products have you ladies been using on your natural hair for years that you can't seem to let go of? Like for me, i have been using Vo5 conditioners for a loooong time, way b4 i even knew what a cowash was...and I'm still lovin it. Detangles my hair easily!!
So what are your faves?
Hair type: medium/thick, low porosity, no set curl definition = ???
Prepoo: mix of aloe gel, castor, coconut/vatika oil
Giovanni TTTT
Detangler: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition
Leave-in: Elucence MBC + Aloe Gel
Deep Condish: AOHSR
Protein DC: AOGPB
Stylers: Raw Shea butter mixed with Shea Moisture leave in
Spritz: water, EMBC, aloe, castor oil, glycerin
Coconut, Vatika, JBCO
Want to try: GDLI