Professional Hair styles?

caityjo617caityjo617 Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi! I am new to the site and could really use some help. I am a senior in college and I am beginning my teaching internship in January. I will be working with high school students, and because I am so young (and I look younger than I am!) I really want to present myself as professionaly as possible.

Right now my hair is just below my shoulders and has long layers to avoid the triangle issue, but I want to try something a bit more trendy that may help me look a little older?

I really like the inverted bob cut, and I have a friend who's hair is similiar to mine and she pulls it off really well, I am just afraid because the last time I got a major cut, the stylist messed up and I ended up with an ear length bob with no layers...and it was HORRIBLE!

Any ideas or comments that might help would be much appreciated!

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