Growing thigh or knee length hair?



  • davidkaltsasdavidkaltsas Posts: 119Registered Users

    I like to try to think about how far I've come and not how much longer I have to go.

    How long is your hair now?

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    My hair down to my chin now .. But i started bald before 11 months :)

    Wow, congrats! :D

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    thanks :) i dont use ANY heat in my hair so i dont have to trim :)
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    Want to reach terminal length !
  • CURLYanddy_CURLYanddy_ Posts: 198Registered Users
    Okay, so update... I made it to waist! *Starts dancing.*

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  • CURLYanddy_CURLYanddy_ Posts: 198Registered Users
    Anyone want to update here?
  • chicabonita93chicabonita93 Posts: 18Registered Users
    aww i didnt know ppl are reading this lol i rememberposting this acouple years ago thinking i wouldnt get any replies.
  • CURLYanddy_CURLYanddy_ Posts: 198Registered Users
    aww i didnt know ppl are reading this lol i rememberposting this acouple years ago thinking i wouldnt get any replies.

    Haha! Aw. I tried to bring it back, and got nothing. Ha. :/
  • BeautyOGBeautyOG Posts: 383Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Well I know this thread is old, but hey why not? I want to grow knee length hair. Right now I've made it to waist length, and now I'm going to get a big trim and let it grow out as long as I can get it starting January.
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  • LoodieLoodie Posts: 12Registered Users
    I have heat damage I want to cut off, but I am also obsessed with having long hair. Perhaps if I make it to thigh length, I can finally cut off the rest of the heat damage and still have waist length hair after. That would be perfect ... count me in!
  • carnovalesquecarnovalesque Posts: 14Registered Users
    Impressive! And here I am struggling to grow my hair past shoulder length.
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  • Curlista93Curlista93 Posts: 411Registered Users Curl Novice
    That would be awesome but I doubt I could grow it that long lol. If I could it wouldn't be that much of a problem because shrinkage would come to my rescue.
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