Dry ends! Damaged hair for cutting or just dry hair thats worth saving?

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Hey everyone :)
My name is Krystal and Im new to this site, just became a member today! I use an all natural hair care regimen with essential oils, no shampoo, organic conditioner and organic leave in conditioner. I straightened my hair religiously every week for 6 years. A while back I saw a picture of myself when I was younger and had gorgeous long curls and I promised myself that I would stop killing my hair, embrace my curls and get back to how my hair was in that picture. I have not straightened my hair for about a year now and I LOVE MY CURLS!!! I wish I had never started straightening. After I set my curly goal, I dedicated hours a day to removing ALL my split ends and became a little obsessed with removing all the damage. My hair was pretty long straight but now I've become so obsessed with cutting it all the time that its a couple inches below shoulder length.

My problem though is that some of the ends of my curls get extremely dry and crispy and I cannot stand it so I just cut them off but then after a while those ends get crispy too. Is that just the texture of some curly hair or is it still damage that Im dealing with? I have been trying to just moisturize this dry stuff with just jojoba,, olive and coconut oil but it never seems to moisturize like the softer pieces of my hair. Not quite sure what to do but I know I do not want to just keep cutting these pieces off.
Curls are beautiful <3


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    Remember, if you are scissor happy, you will never be able to grow your hair! What you need to make sure you do is pay special attention to your ends. Put a little more leave-in conditioner on the dry spots, and then seal with jojoba or olive oil. Coconut oil can dry out your hair, so stay away from that for awhile and see if you can narrow down your hair's sensitivities. I have a feeling that your ends are just dry and need some extra moisture. Its unneccessary to keep trimming off the ends unless they are split.
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    Thanks Jenny Curl! i did notice that the coconut oil was making my hair oily-dry so i stopped using it and i figured out that i was doing the CG styling method wrong so now my curls are doing much better!
    Curls are beautiful <3

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