New to site! Am I a 3a or 3b?

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Hey guys! I rarely wear my hair curly. I almost always flat iron it...but, I'm thinking about trying the CG method, and seeing how it goes. Conveniently enough, I'm wearing my hair curly I just took some pics to upload. Could y'all help me determine the type of my hair? It's pretty short, so I'm almost positive it'll change as it grows. I know the curls are a little ringlets...when it's longer. :) Thanks!!!


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    Definitely looks like a 2 to me--not sure if it's 2b or 2c, probably the latter--but it seems like you have some 3a lurking in there.
    CG since 24/11/10; started 2c/3a, want to become 3b. (Insert "HOPE" and "CHANGE" posters here.)

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    Probably between a 2c and a 3 a:)

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