Quick, Curly Updos?!

Jessicurl15Jessicurl15 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey, my name's Jessica and I have 3a Curls.
Over the holidays, I'm going to be pretty busy and I don't really have time to work on my hair or heat style it (plus it's damaging)
Does anybody know some quick up-dos for 3a curls? Thanks! :D


  • wmvbugwmvbug Registered Users Posts: 43
    Twisted side buns, messy buns, high ponytail, french braid side hair twist. Just play with your hair. The great thing about curly hair is you dont have to waste time curling it! All the looks ive mentioned take me around 5 minutes each to do. Just make sure you have about a million bobby pins.lol.
    3b hair

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  • KillaKween13KillaKween13 Registered Users Posts: 13
    When i'm in a press for time I like to do a messy bun, where I put my hair high up and put it in my hair tie as if i'm putting it up in a pony tail, but then after pulling it through once I simply twist the band around and pull my hair through again making sure i keep the ends concealed in the band. You can leave a curl or two loose in the front if you'd like. (Sorry if my explanation is kind of confusing!)

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