noob cg looking for new style

hiya! a friend has been telling me about this site for a while, she finally posted the link on my FB and i am so happy she did!

i have dealt with my 3b hair all my life. the schoolmates pulling it like a slinky and screaming "boing!", the stylists who insisted on a tri-layer monstrosity i refer to as "christmas tree head", the broken brushes, the tears, the threats to shave my head, etc etc.

i finally came to terms with my hair when i decided to color my naturally-blond-colored-auburn hair black in high school. as i was held hostage in a salon for hours, having my hair bleached 8 times, i realized i was doing irreparable damage to my hair. the next day, after showering, i tried to scrunch and was brought to tears as my hair dropped back into place. my curls were ruined and i wanted them back for the first time in my life! shortly after getting my terrible orange frizzed disaster pictured for my senior superlative photo (most unforgettable!), i chopped it off to chin length, let all the damage grow out and have never colored my entire head since. a streak of purple or red is all i'd allow.

i've never gone back to a salon. i've only let my mom cut my hair. i've straightened it rarely, and get offended when people ask if i've ever thought of having it permanently straightened.

i'm glad to be at a place that understands the challenges of maintaining curly hair! i'm looking for a new cut and being here is helping me see my options. i'm going to put my trust in a stylist friend (it is just hair, after all, it'll grow back), and see what happens! wish me luck!
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  • taudreyjanetaudreyjane Posts: 1Registered Users
    good luck!
    Curl Pattern: 3c-ish
    Properties: Fine, low porosity, low elasticity
  • scorpiogrrl78scorpiogrrl78 Posts: 2Registered Users
    thanks! nice to see ya on here!
    no 'poo since 12/18/10!

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