HELP ME get THIS color..Pullleease!

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All I want is my hair to be this color...this beautiful chocolatey color...sigh...
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Thus far I have come close but have not succeeded.

I have colored twice.

I started with my natural dark brown color...more on the ashy side. Used Clairol Perfect 10 in a medium hair was lighter but too warm. (apparently my color likes to go warm)

Then, I tried Wella Color Charm in Dark the suggestion of the woman at my local Sally (whom I showed the picture linked above to). My hair is now too dark and still too warm.

Obviously, I can't keep coloring my hair or it will reach the point of no return. Can you lovely curlies help me

1) figure out this exact color (is it dark brown or medium brown? is it ashy? or neutral?)
2) how the h*%$ do I get my hair that color? Should I color it again? dark ash brown? medium ash brown?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! :brilsmurf:
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    I am not an expert, so I can't tell you what color that is. I think that girl has highlights though. I am not sure, but it does not look like one solid color to me. Her bangs are way darker than the left side of the picture.
  • funkediscofunkedisco Registered Users Posts: 130
    I thought that too but i think it might just be the way the light is hitting her hair.
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    Looks like she might have a color deposit conditioner to enhance her color. Have you tried them before? It's like giving the most subtle highlights to your hair- fab depth (just make sure you apply wearing cloves- it will stain your hands!) Aveda has a clove color that enriches brown hair and might be good for you. Look at their website for info.
    Aveda Clove Color Conditioner Customer Ratings & Reviews - Top & Best Rated Products

    They also have blue malva but that's for brown or black hair and I think that would be too dark for the look you're going for. Good luck!
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    Hi Ladies,

    If you're in NY, there are some easier ways of getting your hair colored. I work in Manhattan and there's a few salons in need of hair models, for color, cut and blow dry: I tried one of them and got my hair colored, basically the assistants are in training with help from a professional : you can get a really good deal and its done professionally: ( by a trainee) I got mine done, single process for $25.
    I would rather go to them and try to color my hair on my own, and most likely they'll help you out with the perfect color.
    Hope this helps an dif you need more info, let me know :)

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