Buying Keratin! Help

BruchildaBruchilda Registered Users Posts: 126
So I decided to purchase bkt online cause it is much cheaper!
In the hair salon they used Inoar keratin and so far the results are great.
I am trying to find a store but I don't know if they sell original keratin.
I am between QOD (max or gold?Is there any significant difference?) and INOAR.
If you have tried other brand with same results let me know!
I live in greece and it's difficult to find a store shipping here.
Do you think and are reliable?

Also if I dont purchase a cleansing shampoo (QOD does not include it) could a simple no silicone shampoo work as well??


  • DimePiece17DimePiece17 Registered Users Posts: 521
    is the way to go. Most of us purchase our home BKTS from this seller. As for shampoo, silicones do not harm the BKT. You want to stay away from sodium, not silicone. I personally, have no problem with silicones on my hair.
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  • BruchildaBruchilda Registered Users Posts: 126
    Wich seller?? or Keratin4u?

    So I am ready to order it!
    I meant the PRE shampoo.The clarifying one!Is there problem if I will use a simple one and not the one that comes with the treatment?

    Which keratin you think I should choose?
    Inoar,QOD Max,QOD Gold?
    Are they all pretty much the same?
    According to what the official site claims,Qod must be the best one!
  • morningstarmorningstar Registered Users Posts: 144 Curl Connoisseur
    I have ordered from both flowkeratin and keratin4u. I had great luck with both, so I would order from either one again. I am actually going back to inoar, I used the Inoar twice and last time I used qod max white. Qod actually seemed stronger and got my hair straighter than I like. Some may like that better though, so it's really a personal preference. Both came with cleansing shampoo so I don't know what to recommend for that. I'm pretty sure you can just use a clarifying shampoo (like suave), but make sure you shampoo at least two times. Good luck!
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  • mehcurlsmehcurls Registered Users Posts: 4
    Ive purchased from keratin4u before. They are a licensed distributor and sell authentic QOD. The bottle I've purchased had an 'authentic genuine' seal.

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