deep conditoning with Jessicurl did not go well...

I tried Jessicurl's Weekly Deep Treatment yesterday. I used the [buylink=]hair cleansing cream[/buylink], then applied half of the one ounce trial size of WDT to my hair. My hair is about shoulder length. I put a shower cap over my hair, then soaked a turban towel in hot water, and put that over the cap. I left it on for forty five minutes.

After I rinsed the conditioner out, I applied the usual amounts of Rockin Ringlets and [buylink=]Confident Coils[/buylink]. My hair barely had any curl at all. It does look healthy and shiny...but no curls!

Did I leave it on too long? I have fine hair, but nothing else from the rich collection weighed down my hair.

Any suggestions or input?

Thank you !


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    I would say it's one of two things. Either you used too much for your fine hair, or, as in my case, the product is just too heavy for your hair. It didn't matter how little I used. I ended up with weighed down curls. It was terrible. I really have to be careful when I dt. They say apply generously, for instance, on the CJ dt, but I can only use a tiny dot, or my curls rebel.
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    Either you used more than your hair could handle or the oils are just too much. My hair is bounciest if I just use Garnier fructis 3 minute masque. It's just enough but if I need more than that I still wouldn't be able to use JC DT. I can use TooShea! as a DT though.
    My hair isn't particularly dry so maybe that's why?
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    My hair is fine too and that's how it reacts to all rich DTs so usually I just do them when I'm not planning on going anywhere as it does the hair good anyway, otherwise I may need a strong gel and/or to spritz with an Epsom Salt solution.

    Doing DTs is really not a necessity for everybody, especially when the person has been doing CG for a while with regular products that are nourishing enough. They're of great benefit to damaged, colored and dry hair though.
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    Thanks, everyone! I'm so used to thinking that my hair is dry and damaged...for most of this year I have been using more gentle products (no silicones/sulfates) so my hair must be in much better condition, and does not need such a rich conditioner. If I use it again, I'll use a very small amount, mainly on the ends, or use [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] instead.

    Medusahair, is the Garnier three minute mask CG friendly? Do you use the kind with the orange or green cap? I can't keep all the Garnier products straight :D

    Please take care-
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    I agree w/ those who've said maybe too much. Any time I do the WDT my hair comes out a lot less curly that day. But then it bounces right back the next day I do my hair.

    Here's a pic of my hair from my DT yesterday - you can see it's a lot less curly:

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    juvjoy what's ur routine? i cann't get my hair to clump for the life of me, I'm jellis :oops:
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    Hi, you should email Jess because she is really good at helping her customers with such questions. But a while back I emailed Jess about the this issue with the WDT and she told me that when she does it she just puts her hair in a ponytail and does not use any styling products that day. The next day she poos, conditions and styles as usual. /home/leaving?" class="Popup
    I would highly recommend emailing Jess herself though because she can really help you and she will answer your email herself. :D
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    Thanks! I did already e-mail Jess, and her reply did say that she does a dt on days when she doesn't have to go back out :D My curls weren't great Saturday, but yesterday they were looking I'm actually debating attempting second day hair for the first time. We'll see how it goes.

    Take care,