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I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Le'Shae...I'm a 20 year old from Dallas, Texas who just recently graduated cosmetology school a few months ago. To skip to the core reason I'm here is to basically explain why I decided to go natural. So here it goes...

I found myself a couple of months trying to figure out if I wanted to go with a style that I just LOOOVED and felt it was so me (edgy), or go ahead and go natural. I decided to go with the other "edgy" style, but the chic that was supposed to end up doing the style for me never got in contact with me like she was supposed to, and so I felt maybe it was a sign to go ahead and try leaving my hair natural. So I cut off the majority of my relaxed ends - which wasn't much at all because my hair was already cut short, and I hadn't relaxed it in I'll say...5 months (at that time) - which I still have a bit left just realizing it a couple of days ago, so later on I'll make sure to get a nice trim!

So now I'm here loving this journey I'm about to take, but I'm finding a hard time being able to cope with how I look with my hair being this way. I'm trying to build this confidence to find myself beautiful without the need of a relaxer, because I know I am...I just have to get myself to really believe it. I think I'm so hung up on needing a compliment on my hair to validate if it looks good natural, and I'm really not getting any lately...which is fine, because I haven't been putting myself out there to.

Anyways, I find this site very useful/helpful, and I look forward to spending my time learning, getting to know other curlies, and more! Thank you guys!


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    I like the short haircut on you! I think you rock the style well!

    Good luck going natural! I don't have any experience with relaxers, but I know it's a big step going from relaxed hair to natural. Keep with it -- it'll pay off!
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