Need your expertise and recommendation!

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Hi! i'm new hair (sorry lol), never knew a place like this existed, amazing curly hair community!

Let me start by giving you the background of my hair. i think i am a 2b, not 100% sure...

When I was a toddler, I had longish hair about 2-3", from what i have seen in the photos, i had beautiful silky curls..
when i got into school i had haircuts, and it seems when my hair is short it doesnt curl. in my teens i let my hair grow a bit again, but i continued with my short hair styling habits, i used extra hard gel.. and when my hair was over an inch id have nice tight curls.. but im sporty so if my hair screwed up, it screeewed up.. and my hair is rock solid, not sexy..

later i stopped using gel, id let my hair dry naturally.. and it had nice curls, the only problem with this was, anything that touched it would make it go *poof*! when i do this, i cant run my hand through my hair, or let anything touch my hair, because the curls will go and my hair will fluff..

for the past five years or so i have been shaving my hair very short.. and i grow it once a year only to chop it off again... now the time has come, especially now that i have found this site, to capitalise on the potential of the curl, who knows i may start losing my hair and never have the opportunity to do this ever again...

so, i'm looking for something that will bring back my childhood curls, healthy looking, silky, can run my hand through it with out worrying about it fluffing and nice tighter curls...

your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!


EDIT: I have THICK hair.


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    Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner. When you were a toddler your parents cared for your hair MAYBE but you didn't fuss with the hair a lot but now you have to put the moisture back in because as an adult we have more rigorous and constantly on the go in the atmosphere type of lives and the hair suffers because of this.

    Princeton Brooke
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  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Posts: 872Registered Users
    Also, try weekly deep conditioners. Apply them to the hair and sit with it for at least 30 minutes before washing out. You will see almost immediate results. Another thing is don't always use shampoo but just conditioner sometimes and be sure to not let conditioner sit on your scalp because it will dry and turn white causing you to feel like you have dandruff.

    Princeton Brooke
    Chief Software Engineer

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