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Hey i'm not 2 sure if this is where u ask questions but im new so i'm going to. Anyway, I have a problem with my curly hair. I have type 3b curly hair and I usually wear it in a curly poof kinda thing. My hair is very fine so it gets frizzy easily and its very curly. Although i get lots of complements on my hair now i'm bored of wearing the same hair style every single day. Now, i'm not asking for a specific hairstyle here but i want to be able to wear my hair down. I usually use DevaCurl in my hair with the shampoo, conditioner, gel, and spray. But lately i havent been using it because i've been wanting to try new products cuz while DevaCurl is a good product, i'm just not getting the results i want. So, what i am asking is a product(s) that i can use that aren't 2 expensive but not super cheap either. I want my hair 2 look good down because theres these 2 girls at my school who have GORGEOUS curly hair that they can wear down and its just amazing and not even frizzy. However, they have different curl types than me so im not sure if i could get quite those same results but i would want to be close. Picture Taylor Swift hair, and thats what one of their hair looks like. I'm going into high school next year and i dont want to wear my poof every day because i think it looks childish on me. I would love that wavey curly look thats soft and shiny. Right now when I wear my hair down and i look like a lion (i know that bcuz every one in my family said so) and i dont want lion hair at school. Also, if you could, i'm into more natural products so if u could would u recommend me some natural products? Thanks! Wow this is getting long, and i thank u if u stayed around listening to me babble. Please help!! :laughing4:


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    Well, i guess were in this together. I have the same problems as you. I would also like organic products, well my friend. she has curly hair as well, and she uses this organic stuff; and I'll ask her what it is. because on her, it looks amazing, but me and my friend have different type of curls. she was naturally born with type 3c but she got many relaxers and she ruined her texture. but she's slowly getting it back, anyway, whatever works in her hair doesnt work in mine. & i know where your coming from, everyday my hair poofs up and im sick of it. well, ill ask her for the name of product and i'll tell you(:
  • happytreefunhappytreefun Registered Users Posts: 59
    Thank you!! That would be extremely helpful!!! (:
  • DorisNicoleDorisNicole Registered Users Posts: 12
    Kinky-Curly - Home
    thats the websitee.
    it may be calledd kinky curly.but believe me, its not just for kinky curls. its for ALL types of curls. & it works reallly goood.
  • happytreefunhappytreefun Registered Users Posts: 59
    Thanks so much!! That's rly helpful I'll try it out!

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