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hey guys!

a few months ago i posted here asking for help on thinning hair and it has gotten a bit better but not as fast as i thought it would :( i noticed it got a bit worse recently and i started crying this morning after my shower and i saw the spots in the top of my head!

i've been drinking biotin for a while now but i was wondering if castor oil would help? should i drink or apply it to my hair?? HELP!
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  • CurlyMomCurlyMom Registered Users Posts: 334
    I don't want to alarm you, but have you seen a Doctor and discussed this with him/her? You might need to get your thyroid checked. I would recommend you do that before you start other things.
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    Definitely see your doctor. Hair loss is a symptom of many things- thyroid being one.

    I've been using Rogain and biotin. I notice a change and so does my husband.
    Rogain is one of the few things that's known to help with hair loss. It takes several months to find out if it's working but worth a shot.

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