How to Style hair like this picture?

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My hair is more in the 3C arena, but since Myriam looks more like a 3B I'll post it here.

It looks like she pulled it back and, and parted her hair (maybe pulled some other sections back too). My hair is voluminous, but every time attempt to do this style my sides fall flat, and how I attach my hair in the back just looks awkward (with a rubber band).

Any ideas?


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    Haha, she's my exact hair goal too!

    It might help to see a photo of your hair - and realize she has TONS of hair and TONS of layers giving her TONs of volume! :)
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    To me, it doesn't look like she has any of her hair pulled back, but I could be wrong. My hair would look like this if I could grow it that long! Hopefully one day I will get there.

    My suggestion would be to diffuse upside down for the volume and then bend at the waist and shake out your roots. Haircut is important too, you need to have the right layers for this look. Remember, a lot of people in show business use cones and hair sprays to keep their hair looking like this all day. Normal people just need to give their roots a shake every once in awhile throughout the day to keep it looking this way. Atleast that's how it is for me. Good luck.

    ETA: I just googled her and she has some seriously awesome hair. I'm so jealous. I wish there was some way to ask her how she got it that long and what her hair routine is!!
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    looks AMAZING! if you do figure out a way, please tell us! lol. i wish i could help but im terrible with styling hair!
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    Her hair is beautiful! I agree, it seems that she has a lot of layers, that's probably why it's so full on top. There's a girl on youtube that has similar hair to this, but her hair doesn't seem to have that many layers.However, the end result looks much like Myriam's curls.

    This is her curly hair routine using mixed chicks, it's long, but you can skip to the end to see the results.

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