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I think I'm 3b, maybe a little 3c? (Not sure, help me out) Hair is very porous and somewhat coarse.

Anyway, I'm trying to find a good balance... Right now I'm off using shampoo for the most part, and only wash using conditioner. My hair does feel healthier.

My main complaint is that my hair kinda just hangs down and there is too much shine. I want more volume and kinkiness, I don't even mind a little frizziness if it means having more volume. I noticed that before I really paid attention to how I did my hair, and shampooed and conditioned every day (sometimes only shampooing) my hair sometimes achieved the look I was going for pretty nicely.. but I keep reading that shampoo is bad and blah blah blah..

Maybe I am overdoing it with the conditioner? I really wanna go for the Corbin Bleu look (not sure if I could pull it off, as I don't have as much hair yet.. but I think I have gotten my hair to look somewhat close to that before)

Any suggestions on products or routine?

The first attachment is from like 2 years ago, you can't see it as well but I loved my hair like that. The second two are more recent.


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    You could try a lo-poo or no-poo, or a lighter conditioner. Or don't full on condition every day, just do a bit of scrubbing with water? There are a lot of options, just play around with it!
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  • sleepyjesssleepyjess Registered Users Posts: 297 could try volumizing products, like mousse or something.
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