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Girl :) We got to see our little boxer this week and its so freaking amazing! I know my belly is growing, I know there is supposed to be a baby growing in there but it hasnt hit me. But seeing my daughter flinging her arms around and curling up (always face down towards my spine though, didnt get too many face shots) really made me start to realize that its happening. Its real. Im going to be a mom!!

But- I proved myself wrong, I believed in the old wives tale that its a boy if there isnt morning sickness and a girl if its sick-city from the begining...but I have not been sick at all, wouldnt even know Im preggo if I didnt 'know'. So who knows, guess it is true that every woman is different :)
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    Awesome! Girls rock :flower:
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    Girls are cool! CONGRATS!

    My girl didn't give me morning sickness...but neither did my boys. The incidence of morning sickness is greatly exaggerated anyway. While it is very real for some women, the overwhelming majority of women do not experience much beyond a little nausea in very early pregnancy.
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    Congrats! Girls are fun!

    My morning sickness was the same with my son and daughter.
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    Congrats! :) I always loved getting a peek at my babies. It's so cool to see that little person squiriming around in there.
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