Reverting from heat damage

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I am currently transitioning and I have been sectioning my hair into 4 sections when I do my weekly deep conditioners. I do this because I noticed that my curls on my head need different care in different sections, so I can't treat my head as if the hair is all completely the same...because its not.

I have heat damage on the front half of my head, pretty much from ear to ear. The back half of my hair looks like its pretty good. In the front, my roots are pretty curly, so I put moisturizing deep conditioner in it, and from the line of demarcation and after, I apply a protein conditioner. In the back of my head I just simply apply a moisture deep conditioner on it completely.

After that I just put a cap on, sit under the hair dryer, rinse it out with cool water, and then a final avc rinse.

Ever since I've been doing this method, my hair has started to revert more at the ends and curl. They aren't as curly as my roots of course, but it has been behaving better ever since I started this method.

Any of you curlies out there have any stories of your journey from heat damage and your methods of care?? I'd appreciate it!
HAIR GOAL: Grow out heat damage and have a complete head of healthy curls! :)

Lovely 3C kinky-curls - HIGH Porosity - Massive amount of Heat Damage! wackk
POO : Giovanni 50/50 Balanced
CONDITIONER : Aussie (Co-Wash)
DEEP TREATMENT CONDITIONER : Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose[For Protein], still searching for a good MOISTURE conditioner, then a final rinse with ACV
STYLERS : KCKT + Unrefined Ghana Shea Butter

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