Use Cosmetic Safety database to id your ingredients/ name brands

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As we all know sulfates and cones are bad for us. Additionally, so are parabens.Use this well designed website to decide if your product is safe to use and it happens that many of the products on this site are not "healthy". I just want you to know

This is made by EWG (environmental working group) they are one of our great leaders in environmental information and legislation


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    I use this site all the time! Thanks so much :D
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    While I agree that it is important to know what you're putting in/on your body, I personally don't find this site helpful because all of the information is given without any meaningful context. Also, I think environmental awareness is very important, but this site just comes across as fear-mongering. It provides no helpful advice or explanations.

    Not trying to be rude, just my two cents. :)
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    I am afraid you don't know how to use it, or do not care about the environment of your body or the workd for the rest of us.
    Look at the chemical names listed under each product or use your ingredient list on the label of whatever you are using and research the effects on you. you need to care about yourself. its up to you! but you are also putting things in our environment which may be toxic to animals and me. Our water supply is a fixed amount. We do not get anymore from space. What we have on earth has to be reused forever and every. and it ain't getting any more pure hunny!
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    I think the site is borderline alarmist, myself. If it isn't made of pixie hair and elf magic, it'll kill you. Not very useful, really.
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